Lacustrine paleoseismic records from the North Anatolian Fault

Avşar, Ulaş
De Batist, Marc
Fagel, Nathalie
Paleoseismology along the North Anatolian Fault (PANAF) Meeting (8 - 10 Ekim 2012)


Lacustrine mineral facies and implications for estimation of palaeoenvironmental parameters: Neogene intervolcanic Pelitcik basin (Galatean Volcanic Province), Turkey
Süzen, Mehmet Lütfi (2000-06-01)
The mineralogy of the Neogene lacustrine facies of Pelitcik basin was investigated for the purpose of deriving the palaeoenvironmental parameters of this intervolcanic basin. The laboratory studies indicate that dolomite and K-feldspar are the major non-clay minerals in the study area, where plagioclase, analcime, fibrous zeolite and quartz are the minor constituents. Dolomites are found to be non-stoichiometric in chemistry. The clay fraction of the lacustrine facies is composed mainly of dioctahedral smec...
Altıner, Sevinç (Wiley, 1993-12-01)
Within the framework of an integrated stratigraphy, a detailed biostratigraphic study of Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous (Tithonian-Valanginian) calcareous nannofossils was carried out in north-west Anatolia, Turkey.
Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of Valanginian Aptian in Northwest Anatolia Turkey
Altıner, Sevinç (1996-01-01)
Palaeomagnetic evolution of the Cankiri Basin (central Anatolia, Turkey): implications for oroclinal bending due to indentation
Kaymakcı, Nuretdin; Langereis, Cor; White, Stan; van Dijk, Paul (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2003-05-01)
Palaeomagnetic data in combination with palaeostress data and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility orientations are utilized to develop a tectonic evolutionary model for the Early Tertiary part of the Omega(omega)-shaped Cankiri Basin (Turkey). The results reveal clockwise rotations in the northeast and anticlockwise rotations in the west and southeastern corner of the basin. The magnetic inclinations indicate a northward drift of the Cankiri Basin and support an indentation model for the Kirsehir Block. I...
Detrital zircon ages and provenance of the triassic carpholite-bearing metaconglomerates in the southern menderes massif
Deveci, Zehra; Bozkurt, Erdin; Department of Geological Engineering (2013)
The recent documentation of HP relics (carphiolite-bearing metaconglomerates) from the Kurudere area (Selimiye-Milas, Muğla) was one of the most important discoveries in the southern Menderes Massif. The metaconglomerates form the lowest most lithologies of the so-called marble unit and lie structurally above the schists with a proposed thrust fault. The metaconglomerates occur at two distinct horizons, each of which shows opposing sense of shearing in an overturned anticlinal structure. U–Pb–Hf zircon anal...
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U. Avşar, M. De Batist, and N. Fagel, “Lacustrine paleoseismic records from the North Anatolian Fault,” presented at the Paleoseismology along the North Anatolian Fault (PANAF) Meeting (8 - 10 Ekim 2012), 2012, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: