Turkish Woman In The Twentieth Century (Past To Present



Turkish Urban Professionals And The Politics Of Housing, 1960-1980
Batuman, Bülent (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2006)
As Castells (1977) has argued, a major dynamic of urban politics is the specific forms of social struggle generated in the city around urban services that are consumed collectively. In Turkey, similar to other Third World countries experiencing rapid urbanization after the Second World War, the most crucial question regarding such services was the chronic problem of housing and squatters. This article will analyze the politics of the housing question between 1960 and 1980. As will be shown below, the politi...
Turkish spatial planning practice in the neoliberal era: over-fragmentation
Duyguluer, Feridun; Günay, Baykan; Department of City and Regional Planning (2012)
After 1950, Turkey had adopted comprehensive urban planning methodologies within the competence of a unique central authority. By 1980s, localization policies were introduced and local administrations had been authorized for planning issues. But this political turn could not continue effectively, because of dispersed sectoral policies have gained the leading role in decision making, creating the fragmentation problem. Administrative competences in different central bodies, especially in the sectoral ministr...
Turkish-Cypriot Diaspora and Homeland Politics: The Peace Referendum of 2004
Kuşçu Bonnenfant, Işık (2019-04-07)
Turkish women's knowledge of osteoporosis
Ungan, Mehmet; Tumer, M (2001-04-01)
Background. Preventive measures including patient education can reduce hip fractures related to osteoporosis. Sometimes osteoporosis can be diagnosed with fractures or with a serious health problem, and most women are probably unaware of the risk factors which can be changed by prevention. The first step in preventing osteoporosis in women should be to make them aware of the risk factors.
Turkish Civil Society, the EU and Europeanness
Ergun Özbolat, Ayça (2009-04-09)
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