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Handbook on Miniaturization in Analytical Chemistry

Eryılmaz, Merve
Yıldırım, Ender
Tamer, Uğur
In the field of biomolecule detection, there are many conventional methods; however, there is a demand for applications that are more sensitive, accurate, and capable of analyzing small sample volumes. Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices are promising multifunctional tools for these purposes and the combination of LOC with spectroscopy provides rapid and reliable biomolecule detection. In the LOC system, a high number of analytes can be also detected simultaneously and LOC devices are preferred for both labeled and label-free detection of protein, DNA, cells, and bacteria. Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy have advantages for biomolecules among the other spectroscopic techniques and this chapter is focused on their analytical applications in LOC devices.