Economic Analysis of Multi-Storey Core Housing Model



Economic analysis of multi-stage housing production model
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Economic evaluation techniques of urban transportation alternatives.
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Economic assessment of the seismic retrofitting of low-cost apartment buildings
Arıkan, Mehmet Fırat; Macit, G (Informa UK Limited, 2005-07-01)
When structural retrofitting of buildings is required due to seismic safety considerations, building owners or government officials are faced with a crucial decision whether to demolish and rebuild their buildings, or retrofit them. Simple decisions based on fixed proportions, such as demolish and rebuild if retrofit costs exceed 40% of the replacement cost, may be misleading. A financial analysis should be carried out considering all the revenues and costs of the building during its life time. A low-cost r...
Economic analysis of ferrocement water storage tanks in Turkey
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Economic analysis in port planning by computer simulation
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The development in world trade increases the importance of ports. Thus, construction of new ports or extension of existing ones and in relation to this enormous dimension of port investments become necessary. The optimum port size can be determined by computer simulation. Total cost is the sum of cost of quay structure and cargo handling equipment and cost of waiting time of the ships. In determining optimum port size, ship arrivals, service time and queuing discipline should be defined statistically for th...
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