Investigation of the cardio-active glycoside content of Digitalis Trojana Ivan.

Sözer, Volkan


Investigation of antioxidant activities of fruit juices and herbal teas and their antimicrobial effects on proteus mirabilis
Kümbet, Yeşim; Çoruh, Nursen; Sağdıçoğlu Celep, A. Gülçin; Department of Biochemistry (2010)
Herbal teas and fruit juices used in our regular diet may have importance in the protective treatment of some infectious diseases. In this study, selected dietary beverages were investigated for their antioxidant capacities and antimicrobial activities against Proteus mirabilis, a well known bacteria in urinary tract infections. Herbal teas; sage (Salvia fruticosa Mill), anise (Pimpinella anisum L.), rosehip (Rosa canina L.), camomile (Anthemis arvensis L.) and fruit juices; grape (Vitis vinifera L.), orang...
Investigation of the factors affecting caking tendency of calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer.
Lafçı, Ali; Department of Chemical Engineering (1985)
Investigation of physico-chemical properties of soy proteins glycated with d-psicose
Beylikçi, Sermet Can; Öztop, Halil Mecit; Department of Food Engineering (2019)
Proteins are one of the most essential food components that is constantly used by food industry because of their functional properties as well as their nutritional value. Soy protein has become popular among the usable protein resources because of its various functional properties such as foaming, gelling, emulsifying and water holding capacities. However, certain drawbacks of soy protein like limited solubility especially in acidic environment, emerge the need for modification for further use in broader va...
Investigation of mixed mode crack propagation from prexisting notches in Brazilian discs of Ankara andesite.
Başbay, Onat; Tutluoğlu, Levent; Department of Mining Engineering (2002)
Investigation of postinoculation parameters of spheroidal graphite iron production.
Ataman, Mehmet Murat; Department of Metallurgical Engineering (1992)
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V. Sözer, “Investigation of the cardio-active glycoside content of Digitalis Trojana Ivan.,” Middle East Technical University, 1984.