A Study on the Rheological Behavior of Asphaltite Water Slurries

Özün, Savaş
Altun, Naci Emre
Hiçyılmaz, C


A study on the effect of the chemical composition of brine to improve oil recovery from carbonates
Polat, Can; Parlaktuna, Mahmut (2017-01-01)
Nowadays, brines are not simply regarded as tools for pressure support in reservoirs. Their chemical properties have also been taken into consideration. Chemicals in the brines can alter the rock brine and oil interactions in a favorable way to improve oil recovery. Studies have focused on the determination of such chemicals leading to wettability change and their proper compositions in brine samples. In this study, the properties of brine samples utilization, which can lead to improvement in oil recovery f...
A study on the effects of gamma radiation on the properties of polycarbonate
Kinalır, Kerim Gökhan; Usanmaz, Ali; Kaynak, Cevdet; Department of Polymer Science and Technology (2011)
This thesis aims to investigate the effects of gamma radiation on the properties of polycarbonate, an engineering thermoplastic which has a wide range of applications. A commercial grade polycarbonate resin, after being shaped into the required specimen forms by injection molding, was irradiated with different doses up to 180 kGy. Tensile strength was found to decrease with increasing dose. The lowest values of tensile modulus, flexural modulus and flexural strength were obtained at 96 kGy, which is also th...
A Study on Tensile Strength of Compacted Fine-Grained Soils
Dagar, Volkan; Çokça, Erdal (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-08-01)
The tensile strength of clay is a major mechanical parameter and the main controlling parameter of tensile crack development which is generally encountered in geostructures. In this experimental study, 8-shaped direct tensile test and split tensile test were used to measure the tensile strength of compacted clay soil. Unconfined compression tests on the same clay samples were also carried out. Tensile strength and unconfined compression test results were compared. Laboratory tests were performed on Ankara c...
A study on tall buildings and aerodynamic modifications against wind excitation
Ilgın, H. Emre; Günel, Mehmet Halis; Department of Architecture (2006)
The purpose of this thesis is to create basic design guidance for tall buildings and their aerodynamic modifications as a resource for architects, engineers, developers, and students. It aims to make a contribution to and strengthen particularly the architect̕s understanding of tall building design, that requires a high level of interdisciplinary approach, by providing a broad overview of the أtall buildingؤ with its general concepts; to demonstrate the importance of human element as a critical component in...
A study on the discretization of fractional Brownian motion
Coşkun, Buket; Vardar Acar, Ceren; Demirtaş, Hakan (2020-12-01)
In this study, we first discretize the fractional Brownian motion in time and observe multivariate Gaussian random variables (mGrv) to have a fractional Gaussian noise (fGn). Afterwards, we have discretized this discrete time process in space using a discretization proportion p and observe a random walk. We carry out this simulation study to foresee whether the correlated random walk using certain discretization parameters p behave similar to fBm. Based on this simulation study, we conclude on two important...
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