Model-integrated development of HLA-based field artillery simulation

There has been a recent interest in the model-based development approach in the modeling and simulation community. Domain-specific metamodels and model transformations constitute the cornerstones of this approach. We are developing transformations from the Field Artillery (FA) domain model into the Object Model Template (OMT) model. In OMG's Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) terminology, the former corresponds to the CIM (computation-independent model) or, arguably, PIM (platform-independent model), and the latter corresponds to the PSM (platform-specific model), where the platform is HLA. We restrict our source domain of interest to observed (indirect) fire, and emphasize technical, rather than tactical issues. We construct the metamodels with GME, a meta-programmable domain-specific modeling environment, and implement model transformations with GReAT, a model transformation generator based on graph transformations. In the currently implemented rudimentary strategy, the FA domain entities are transformed into federates, and the communicated messages are transformed into object and interaction classes.
European Simulation Interoperability Workshop ( 2006)


HLA fom development with model transformations
Dinç, Ali Cem; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.; Department of Computer Engineering (2010)
There has been a recent interest in the model-based development approach in the modeling and simulation community. The Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) of OMG envisions a fully model-based development process where models are created for capturing not only requirements, but also designs and implementations. Domain-specific metamodels and model transformations constitute the cornerstones of this approach. We have developed transformations from the data part of Field Artillery (FA) domain models to High Level ...
Generating simulation code from federation models: A field artillery case study
Özhan, Gürkan; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S. (null; 2011-12-01)
Suggestions for the application of Model Driven Engineering approach in the modeling and simulation community have been proliferating in recent years. We have developed a two-step end to end model transformer that can produce HLA-based simulation code from field artillery conceptual models. A conceptual model is first transformed into an intermediary federation architecture model using a graph-based model transformer front-end tool. The field artillery conceptual model and the federation architecture model ...
Tool support for transformation from an OWL ontology to an HLA Object Model
ÖZDİKİŞ, Özer; DURAK, Umut; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S. (2010-03-15)
Designing simulation architectures based on domain models is a promising approach. Tools to support transformation of formalized domain models to design models are essential. Ontology languages offer a way of formally specifying the domain knowledge. We adopt a user-guided approach to model transformation, where the source is an OWL ontology and the target is an HLA Object Model, in particular, a federation object model (FOM). This paper presents a flexible transformation tool that enables the user to defin...
Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Member Response Using Lattice Model
Aydın, Beyazıt Bestami; Tuncay, Kağan; Binici, Barış (2019-09-01)
Lattice models are well suited for crack simulations; however, their use has been mostly limited to the fracture of plain concrete. In this study, a practical two-dimensional mesoscale lattice composed of overlapping elements was employed to simulate the monotonic response of reinforced concrete elements. The force-deformation response of each element is calibrated from direct tension tests. An explicit time integration technique with novel proportional-integral-derivative control is used to efficiently sim...
Real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation of electrical machine systems using FPGAs
Üşenme, Serdar; Dilan, R.A.; Dölen, Melik; Koku, Ahmet Buğra (2009-11-18)
This study focuses on the development an integrated software and hardware platform that is capable of performing real-time simulation of dynamic systems, including electrical machinery, for the purpose of hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HILS). The system to be controlled is first defined using a block diagram editor. The defined model is then compiled and downloaded onto an FPGA (¿Field Programmable Gate Array¿) based hardware platform, which is to interface with the controller under test and carry out the...
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