Flow Around and Forces Acting on a Plunging Airfoil in a Uniform Flow

Perçin, Mustafa
Ünal, Mehmet Fevzi


Flow around a plunging airfoil in a uniform flow
Perçin, Mustafa; Ünal, Mehmet Fevzi (2009-08-17)
Flow visualization around a flapping-wing micro air vehicle in free flight
Del Estal Herrero, Alejandro; Perçin, Mustafa; Karasek, Matej; Van Oudheusden, Bas W. (null; 2018-10-05)
Flow visualizations have been performed on a free flying flapping-wing Micro Air Vehicle (MAV), using a large-scale particle image velocimetry (PIV) approach. The PIV method involves the use of helium filled soap bubbles (HFSB) as tracer particles. HFSB scatter light with much higher intensity than regular seeding particles and comparable to that reflected off the flexible flapping wings. This enables flow field visualization to be achieved also close to the flapping wings, in contrast to previous PIV exper...
Flow Visualization and Force Measurements on Accelerated Revolving Flat Plates at Low Reynolds Numbers
Perçin, Mustafa (2015-06-24)
Flow characteristics of dilute solid-liquid upward flows in a vertical annulus.
Beyaz, Ayşe; Department of Chemical Engineering (1998)
Flow simulation of a controlled airfoil with synthetic jet actuators
Jee, Sol Keun; Lopez, Omar; Moser, Robert D.; Kutay, Ali Türker; Muse, Jonathan A.; Calise, Anthony J. (2009-01-01)
An airfoil moving with two degrees of freedom (pitching and plunging) is simulated with a closed-loop flow control system. The simulation of the unsteady airfoil is computed using extended delayed detached eddy simulation (EDDES), a hybrid RANS-LES turbulence model based on the Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model. The control system controls the airfoil in two modes, first through direct application of forces and torques, and second, through the use of tangential synthetic jet actuators. The approach was desi...
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M. Perçin and M. F. Ünal, “Flow Around and Forces Acting on a Plunging Airfoil in a Uniform Flow,” 2010, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/84241.