A UV crosslinked hydrogel loaded with ADSCto promote vascularization for tissue engineered skin

Eke, Gözde
Mangir, Naside
Hasırcı, Nesrin
Macneil, Sheila
Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat


A Nonionic Alcohol Soluble Polymer Cathode Interlayer Enables Efficient Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells
Sharma, Anirudh; Singh, Saumya; Song, Xin; Rosas Villalva, Diego; Troughton, Joel; Corzo, Daniel; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Günbaş, Emrullah Görkem; Schroeder, Bob C.; Baran, Derya (2021-01-01)
The choice of interfacial materials and their properties play a critical role in determining solar cell performance and stability. For compatibility with roll-to-roll printing, it is desirable to develop stable cathode interface layers (CILs) that can be processed over the photoactive layer using orthogonal solvents. In this study, an n-type naphthalene diimide core and oligo (ethylene glycol) side-chain-based conjugated polymer is reported as a universal, efficient CIL for organic and perovskite photovolta...
A multipurpose conjugated polymer: Electrochromic device and biosensor construction for glucose detection
Soylemez, Saniye; Kaya, Hava Zekiye; Udum, Yasemin; Toppare, Levent Kamil (Elsevier BV, 2019-02-01)
First example of electrochemically polymerized thiazolothiazole containing electrochromic conducing polymer; Poly(2,5-di(furan-2-yl)thiazolo [5,4-d] thiazole) (PTTzFr) was obtained via cyclic voltammetry. The polymer structure bears furan unit as the donor and thiazolothiazole unit as the acceptor. PTTzFr film was obtained on an ITO coated glass slide and its electrochemical and optoelectronic properties were investigated. Polymeric film showed reversible redox behavior along with reversible electrochromic ...
A sol-gel derived AgCl photochromic coating on glass for SERS chemical sensor application
Volkan, Mürvet; Vo-Dinh, T (Elsevier BV, 2005-05-13)
A new optically translucent material has been prepared that acts as a substrate for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. This material is a silica matrix, synthesized by the sol-gel method and containing in situ precipitated AgCl particles which serve as precursors for nanoparticles of elemental silver. Reduction of AgCl to silver nanoparticles is achieved by UV irradiation. The SERS-active medium was distributed on glass supports (cover glass slips, 0.5 turn thick), hence producing thin, sturdy, and optica...
YOSHIOKA, T; SKALKO, N; Gürsel, Mayda; GREGORIADIS, G; FLORENCE, AT (Informa UK Limited, 1995-01-01)
An aqueous dispersion of niosomes (non-ionic surfactant vesicles) emulsified in an external oil phase forms the vesicle-in-water-in-oil (v/w/o) system described in this paper. The properties of the surfactant used to form the vesicles, the surfactant or surfactant mixture used to stabilize the emulsion and the nature of the oil phase can be changed to provide systems of different capacities for drug or antigen and different release characteristics. The same nonionic surfactant is used as the principle amphi...
A thiazolothiazole containing multichromic polymer for glucose detection
Soylemez, S.; Kaya, H. Z.; Udum, Y. A.; Toppare, Levent Kamil (Department of Polymer Engineering, Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineering, 2019-10-01)
Donor-acceptor (DA) type monomers namely 2,5-di(thiophen-2-yl)thiazolo[5,4-d]thiazole (TTzTh) and 2,5-bis(3-methylthiophen-2-yl)thiazolo[5,4-d]thiazole (TTzMTh) were synthesized and their electrochemical and optoelectronic properties were investigated in detail. The spectro-electrochemical analysis showed that the alkyl chain substitution results in a shift in the onset of the pi-pi* transition towards longer wavelengths. Depending on the donor substituents, the polymers exhibited optical band gaps 1.65 and...
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G. Eke, N. Mangir, N. Hasırcı, S. Macneil, and V. N. Hasırcı, “A UV crosslinked hydrogel loaded with ADSCto promote vascularization for tissue engineered skin,” 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/84380.