Reading the First World War

Askeri Tarih Araştırmaları


Readİng the mausoleum of augustus İn rome
Ödengiz Başak, Meral; Güven, Suna Naziyet; Department of History of Architecture (2020)
This thesis focuses on the Mausoleum of the first Roman Emperor Augustus in Rome. It studies the Mausoleum as a Roman monument highly laden with symbolic meanings and functions. Built at the age of transition from Republic to Empire, the symbolic meanings and functions of the Mausoleum evolved and expanded within time. The thesis exposes and highlights the formation, evolution and expansion of the symbolic meanings and functions of the Mausoleum in parallel to the transformation of the Roman Republic to the...
Reading the Risale-Nur in a women's sohbet
Jassal, Smita Tewari (2020-01-01)
Reading the Changes of an Urban Park: Breaking Points of Konya Culture Park Area
Topçuoğlu, Feyza (2018-04-19)
Reading/unfolding architectural form: an inquiry into the venice hospital project by Le Corbusier
Çınar, Sinem; Aközer, Emel; Department of Architecture (2005)
This study aims to discuss the generative possibilities of reading architectural form by focusing on selected interpretations of the Venice Hospital project by Le Corbusier. By presenting complementary and competing readings of the project, it examines different design strategies in the formal organization of the Venice Hospital. It shows that the Venice Hospital project, displaying the characteristics of both a أfieldؤ organization and a well-articulated object, demands a reconsideration of the occasionall...
Reading Friday Sermons as Pragmatic Politics: Sermons in Turkey in 2016-2022
Falay Toda, Kübra Nur; Hande, Sözer; Political Science and International Relations (2022-9-03)
The literature tends to interpret the last few decades of transformation in public sphere as the Islamization of Turkey. Similarly, it presents the discourse and practices of the Presidency of Religious Affairs (PRA) as instrumentalization for this purpose considering the subject and content of the Friday sermons. However, whether the public sphere in Turkey moving away from secularism to a more religious and particularly Islamist direction needs to be carefully analyzed. This thesis examines the broader d...
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