Alumni and student opinions regarding areas of improvement in undergraduate education and competencies of graduates



Alumni and student opinions regarding areas of improvement in undergraduate education and competences of the graduates
Güneri, Oya; Çağ, Pınar; Barutçu Yıldırım, Kadriye Funda; Çapa Aydın, Yeşim (null; 2015-09-08)
Descriptive statistics were utilized to investigate alumni and student opinions. The results showed that alumni underlined the necessity of integration of theory and practice in undergraduate education (M=4.48, SD= 0.75); university and industry collaboration (M=4.46, SD= 0.76); and the need to follow advances in career fields (M=4.41, SD= 0.76). On the other hand, students reported physical facilities, social life and use of technology (i.e. improving physical opportunities such as classrooms, laboratories...
Faculty perceptions, awareness and use of open educational resources for teaching and learning in higher education: a cross-comparative analysis
Marin, Victoria; Zawacki-Richter, Olaf; AYDIN, CENGİZ HAKAN; Bedenlier, Svenja; Bond, Melissa; Bozkurt, Aras; Conrad, Dianne; Jung, Insung; Kondakçı, Yaşar; Prinsloo, Paul; Roberts, Jennifer; Veletsianos, George; Xiao, Junhong; Zhang, Jingjing (2022-03-01)
This paper explores faculty's perspectives and use of open educational resources (OER) and their repositories across different countries by conducting a multiple case study to find similarities and differences between academics' awareness, perceptions and use of OER, as well as examining related aspects of institutional policy and quality that may influence individual views. Data were collected through nine expert reports on each country studied (Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, South Africa, South...
Faculty Trust in Colleagues and Continuous Change Behavior The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction
Kondakçı, Yaşar; Beycioğlu, Kadir; Sincar, Mehmet; Uğurlu, Celal Teyyar (2015-04-16)
This study aims to investigate the dynamics of continuous change in schools. The study specifically investigated the mediating role job satisfaction on the relationship between trust in colleagues and continuous change behavior. Data from 699 teachers collected and analyzed through bootstrapping mediation analysis. The results show that job satisfaction significantly mediates the relationship between faculty trust in colleagues and continuous change behavior of public school teachers. The results suggest th...
Students’ and Teachers’ Perspectives on How to Adapt Materials for Teaching English in a Rural School Setting
Kırmızı-Ayyıldız, Ayşe; Çakır, Nur (2022-08-23)
Students’ and coordinators’ views on the effectiveness of the erasmus student exchange program at Middle East Technical University
Bulut Şahin, Betül; Şimşek, Hasan; Department of Educational Sciences (2008)
As a result of globalization, educational systems become more and more internationalized through mobility and exchange programs. The supra-natural organizations, such as European Union, have developed organized education programs to adapt to this transformation. Since 1987, the mobility of students and faculty throughout Europe has dramatically increased through Erasmus, which is the Program of European Union for higher education. Turkey, as a candidate country for European Union, became one of the particip...
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