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Students’ and coordinators’ views on the effectiveness of the erasmus student exchange program at Middle East Technical University

Bulut Şahin, Betül
As a result of globalization, educational systems become more and more internationalized through mobility and exchange programs. The supra-natural organizations, such as European Union, have developed organized education programs to adapt to this transformation. Since 1987, the mobility of students and faculty throughout Europe has dramatically increased through Erasmus, which is the Program of European Union for higher education. Turkey, as a candidate country for European Union, became one of the participants of this program in 2004. Yet, the influence of the quality administration on such programs and customer satisfaction is relatively unexplored in Turkey. In this research, Middle East Technical University (METU), one of the leading universities in Turkey, is analyzed in scope of its effectiveness in the administration of Erasmus Program from the students’ and Erasmus coordinators’ point of view through questionnaires. Total Quality Management framework is used to design the research. The results of this study showed that students and departmental coordinators are generally more satisfied with the administrative services than communication, interaction with customers and academic issues.