The Coastal Circulation Model of Büyük Menderes River and Adjacent Coastal Areas

In this study, circulation model of Büyük Menderes River and the adjacent coastal areas willbe presented. Büyük Menderes runs through the second biggest alluvial plains in Turkey anddischarges into the Aegean Sea where fishing and tourism are main income for the region.Therefore, an accurate representation of water circulation is important both for the waterquality in the bay and the morphodynamics at the coast of Büyük Menderes Delta.Finite Volume Coastal Ocean Model (FVCOM) is used for the circulation modelling mainlybecause use of unstructured grid mesh enables modeling of a larger coastal water body withhigher resolution at river discharge region, efficiently. The model is set-up to assess thepatterns under the forcing of Coriolis, tide, wind, wave (SWAN integration) and river.Results of model runs for March (rainy season) and October (dry season) 2017 will bepresented with comparisons to in situ data(Figure 1). In situ data used in the modelincludes salinity and temperature of seawater and river, river discharge, windcharacteristics, water levels and currentmeasurements at three locations, which wascollected as part of a research projectcampaign funded by The Scientific andTechnological Research Council of Turkey(TUBITAK).These results are going to be used for calibration of the model and it is the first step ofdeveloping regional circulation model for long term scenarios and future changes.


The diel vertical distribution of zooplankton in the southeast Black Sea
Erkan, F.; Gücü, Ali Cemal; Zagorodnyaya, J. (2000-01-01)
The diel changes in the vertical distribution of zooplankton in the southeast Black Sea were described in this study. The zooplankton were sampled using two different sampling methods throughout one day in October 1996 and July 1997 at the same station. The zooplankton counts, the length measurements and biomass estimates showed that the zooplankton in the southeast Black Sea is dominated by small organisms, among which Noctiluca scintillans is the dominant species. In the vertical distribution of zooplankt...
The role of submerged macrophytes in stabilising water clarity and the migration pattern of dominant zooplankton in Lake Eymir, Turkey
Sillah, Mohamed; Beklioğlu, Meryem; Department of Biology (2002)
In this study, samplings within macrophyte beds and open water stations to determine the role of submerged macrophytes in stabilising water clarity and the migration pattern of dominant zooplankton from different habitats in Lake Eymir were carried out. The concentrations of nutrients and suspended solids (SS) were lower within the macrophyte beds than in the open water, while the water clarity was higher within the macrophyte beds than in the open water. The macrophyte beds stabilised the water clarity by ...
A comprehensive set of data collected during 1986-1992 reveal seasonal and interannual variability in the circulation and hydrography of the Marmara Sea. Waters, which have contrasting properties and originate from the adjacent basins, supply the two-layer stratified flows in the Sea of Marmara. Turbulent entrainment into the upper layer in the exit region of the Bosphorus jet, and wind-stirring in winter, both contribute equally to the basin vertical mixing.
A sequence stratigraphic approach to the depositional history analysis of the upper eocene sedimentary succession, northwest of the thrace basin, Turkey
Sünnetçioğlu, Mehmet Akif; Altıner, Demir; Department of Geological Engineering (2008)
This study investigates the depositional history of the Late Eocene sedimentary record in the northwest of the Thrace Basin in a sequence stratigraphic approach and estimates the contribution of regional tectonics, basin physiography and eustasy. Late Eocene sedimentary succession was analyzed in two third-order sequences based on two major data sets; seismic reflection and well data sets. Depositional Sequence-1, represented by progradational stacking patterns, comprises the coarse-grained “Hamitabat” turb...
A Case Study for Determination of Hydrological Parameters in HEC HMS In Computing Direct Runoff
Akay, Hüseyin; Baduna Koçyiğit, Müsteyde; Yanmaz, Ali Melih (null; 2016-09-23)
This study deals with the computation of the direct runoff of a precipitation pattern recorded in a watershed in Western Black Sea Region, Turkey. The aim is to perform a hydrological parameter evaluation using HEC-HMS for a basin with an outlet at Bayıryüzü stream gaging station situated close to Ulus town. The basin is highly mountainous along the rivers and forestry. The basin takes large amounts of rain all year round and the runoff of the basin flows into Ulus stream where more frequent flooding with d...
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