A Comparative Study on Alternative Structural Systems of Twisting Tall Buildings



A comparative study on alternative structural system layouts of twisted tall buildings
Taşkın, Gökçe Nihan; Ay, Bekir Özer; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2019)
Tall buildings are seen as icons in their environment and they have a strong impact on the silhouette of the cities. The form of a tall building is critical to define an iconic expression and control their impact on the city silhouette in an aesthetically desired way. In this respect, designers are searching for diversity and uniqueness in the form of tall buildings. Twisted forms are one of the answers for this quest. However, the inherent complexity of twisted tall buildings can pose adverse design featur...
A comparative study on structural design alternatives for twisted tall buildings with outriggers
Demirel, G. N.; Ay, Bekir Özer (2022-08-01)
Tall buildings are seen as iconic landmarks because of their bold effect on the city silhouette. To control this bold effect in an aesthetically desired manner, designers search for intriguing forms such as twisted buildings. There are two main approaches for designing the structural system of a twisted tall building. In the first approach, the twisted form of the building is obtained only by the rotation of the floors, and the structural system is maintained in a conventional, perpendicular way. Alternativ...
A comparative study on flexural analysis of prestressed concrete beams
Rezazadeh, Mehran; Çıtıpıtıoğlu, Ergin; Department of Civil Engineering (1995)
A comparative study on the nonlinear behavior of chevron and suspended zipper braced steel frames
Özçelik, Ahmet Yiğit; Sarıtaş, Afşin; Department of Civil Engineering (2010)
Chevron braced steel frames require large beams to redistribute the unbalanced vertical forces exerted on the beams after brace buckling. A new frame configuration similar to chevron brace was proposed in literature, where zipper columns were attached between mid-spans of the beams from second to top story. During severe ground motion, the unbalanced vertical forces caused by buckling of lower story braces are in this case redistributed to the upper story braces by these zipper columns. Consequently, all st...
A Comparative study on stability and overtopping performances of reshaping berm breakwaters
Bezazoğlu, Semih; Baykal, Cüneyt; Güler, Işıkhan; Department of Civil Engineering (2016)
Berm type rubble mound breakwaters are preferred by engineers due to their relative advantages in economy and implementation compared to conventional rubble mound breakwaters. In this study, a previously constructed hardly reshaping berm breakwater protecting a filling area used as an airport between Ordu and Giresun cities in the Black Sea Region is compared to several alternative reshaping (partly or fully) models under the same stability and serviceability conditions by physical model experiments. In the...
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G. N. Taşkın and B. Ö. Ay, “A Comparative Study on Alternative Structural Systems of Twisting Tall Buildings,” 2019, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/86771.