Application of XBeach in a beach nourishment and restoration project a case study: Alanya-Turkler, Turkey

Baykal, Cüneyt
Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar
Aydın, Deniz Can
Çınar, Gizem Ezgi
Işıkhan, Güler
Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet
Ergin, Ayşen


Application of FTIR Imaging on Healthy (Donor Age Effect) and Disease (Beta Thalassemia Major) States
Aksoy, Ceren; Uckan, Duygu; Severcan, Feride (2013-01-29)
Investigation of Gender Effect on Obesity using a Model of Inbreed Obese Mouse Lines by Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging
Baloglu, Fatma Kucuk; Brockmann, Gudrun; Heise, Sebastian; Garip, Sebnem; Severcan, Feride (2015-01-27)
Lipid accumulation and storage of lipids in adipocytes during obesity cause structural and functional changes in adipose tissue conformation. The expansion of visceral (VAT) and subcutaneous (SCAT) adipose tissue mass in the body is the main reason of obesity and many times it results in disturbed lipid and glucose metabolism. Gender is an important factor for the research in obesity and other metabolic diseases because it leads to different fat distribution and the pathophysiology. This study aims to deter...
Use of boron based binders in pelletization of iron ores
Sivrikaya, Osman; Arol, Ali İhsan; Department of Mining Engineering (2011)
Bentonite is the most preferred silicate-based binder in iron ore pelletizing. However, it is considered as an impurity due to its high SiO2 and Al2O3 content. The iron-making economy is adversely affected by the addition of bentonite or other silicate-based binders. In recent years, impurity-free alternative binders have been tested in order to replace bentonite or to lower the bentonite dosage. Organic binders yield good quality green and dry pellets. However, they fail to impart enough mechanical strengt...
Effects of Simvastatin on the structure and function of kidney brush border membrane macromolecules
Gocmen, S. Uzun; Ozek, N. Simsek; Severcan, M.; Severcan, Feride (2013-07-01)
Characterization of Sodium Butyrate Induced Differentiation in Colon Cancer Cells by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Microscopy
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