Investigation of Gender Effect on Obesity using a Model of Inbreed Obese Mouse Lines by Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging

Baloglu, Fatma Kucuk
Brockmann, Gudrun
Heise, Sebastian
Garip, Sebnem
Severcan, Feride
Lipid accumulation and storage of lipids in adipocytes during obesity cause structural and functional changes in adipose tissue conformation. The expansion of visceral (VAT) and subcutaneous (SCAT) adipose tissue mass in the body is the main reason of obesity and many times it results in disturbed lipid and glucose metabolism. Gender is an important factor for the research in obesity and other metabolic diseases because it leads to different fat distribution and the pathophysiology. This study aims to determine gender effect on the structural and functional parameters on VAT and SCAT. To achieve this, FTIR microspectroscopic imaging technique and UCP1 immunohistological staining have been used. FTIR microspectroscopy is a rapid and effective technique to monitor molecular alterations in biological tissues induced by different conditions such as disease, chemical treatment and variations in the environmental factors. UCP1 protein content gives information about the amount of brown adipose tissue (BAT), and therefore about the transdifferentiation of BAT to the white adipose tissue (WAT). The results of FTIR imaging study revealed a decrease in unsaturation level of lipids and an increase in the amount of triglycerides in adipose tissue samples. Furhermore, the longer hydrocarbon acyl chain length was obtained in the lipids of obese samples. All of these spectral paramaters could be used as biomarkers in obesity. The results of the present study showed that, these obesity indicators are more significant in SAT of female mice, whilst, they are more significant inVAT of male mice. The amount of UCP1 protein which is a marker of the transdifferentiation, showed a decrease in male samples rather than females. Consequently, obesity has adverse effects on health of both genders but especially on men.
59th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society


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