Solar Thermal Electricity Overview Activities in Turkey and New METU GÜNAM Laboratory ODAK



Solar energy potentials in strategically located cities in Nigeria: Review, resource assessment and PV system design
Okoye, Chiemeka Onyeka; Taylan, Onur; Baker, Derek Keıth (2016-03-01)
Ensuring energy security increasingly requires expanding both yield and resilience of supply through source diversification. In this study, the current energy situation of Nigeria is presented through a detailed literature review. The survey reveals that access to the national grid is limited, and the power delivered to areas classified as urban with grid connection is very unreliable. An initial assessment of the potential utilization of solar based technologies for electricity generation is presented for ...
Solar heating of buildings under Turkey's meteorological conditions.
Awad, Moh'd; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1989)
Solar Power Generation Analysis and Forecasting Real-World Data Using LSTM and Autoregressive CNN
tosun, nail; sert, egemen; Ayaz, Enes; YILMAZ, ekin; GÖL, MURAT (2020-09-22)
Generated power of a solar panel is volatile and susceptible to environmental conditions. In this study, we have analyzed variables affecting the generated power of a 17.5 kW real-world solar power plant with respect to five independent variables over the generated power: irradiance, time of measurement, panel's temperature, ambient temperature and cloudiness of the weather at the time of measurement. After our analysis, we have trained three different models to predict intra-day solar power forecasts of th...
Solar energy and solar house heating.
Özerinç, Muhip; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1978)
Solar-hydrogen stand-alone power system design and simulations
Uluoğlu, Arman; Tarı, İlker; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2010)
In this thesis, solar-hydrogen Stand-Alone Power System (SAPS) which is planned to be built for the emergency room of a hospital is designed. The system provides continuous, off-grid electricity during the whole period of a year without any external electrical power supply. The system consists of Photovoltaic (PV) panels, Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) based electrolyzers, PEM based fuel cells, hydrogen tanks, batteries, a control mechanism and auxiliary equipments such as DC/AC converters, water pump, pipe...
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