A Literature Review on Social Lifecycle Assessment Studies: Potentials, Challenges and Literature Gaps

İlhan, Burak
Tanyer, Ali Murat


A Literature Review: Usability Aspects of Ubiquitous Computing
Yağmur, Serap (2016-02-17)
We live in a digital world which controls our physical environment. The increasing use of wireless network supports these digital devices to use mostly people. People prefer mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to personal computers or laptops. This brings that accessing to information and services is available any time and everywhere. This can be called ubiquitous computing. There is a high demand of pervasive computing applications and they have grown in the last years. However, a large group o...
A critical review on the components of processability theory: identifying the limitations
Peker, Hilal; Toprak Çelen, Esma (2020-06-01)
There has been a tendency among the second language acquisition/learning theorists to make generalization about the stages that learners go through in learning a second language (L2). Processability Theory, developed by Pienemann (1998), is one of those theories. It is argued in Processability Theory that learners can learn an L2 in an order that they are capable of at specific times. In other words, learners acquire/learn L2s in a predictable order, which is called ‘developmental trajectory’. This article ...
A Bibliometric Literature Review of Socio-economic Impact Assessments of Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Technologies
Zırh, Besim Can; Derin Güre, Pınar; Erden Topal, Yelda; Yazıcı, Esin; İpek, Ezgi; Deveci, Abdulkadir; Erdil, Erkan; Sarı, Ramazan (2022-07-05)
This paper aims to give a quantitative and qualitative literature survey on the Socioeconomic Impact Assessment (SIA) of Solar Energy and PV Technologies. Although there has been an increasing number of research articles on PV and Solar Technologies, how their social impact has been assessed in the literature has not been studied widely. This paper offers a bibliometric and narrative literature review on the socio-economic impact analysis of Solar and PV Technologies. Using a bibliometric approach with the ...
Caner, Sonay (null; 2017-12-10)
A Literature Review on Attitudes of Health Professionals towards Health Information Systems: From e-Health to m-Health
Sezgin, Emre; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (2014-10-17)
This paper presented a literature review research about health professionals' acceptance of HIS and m-Health based on a systematic review procedure. The results were derived from 31 scholar studies of which consisted of 27 HIS studies and 4 m-Health studies. It was aimed to provide insight about acceptance theories and constructs being employed to assess current health information systems and their implementation on mobile platform. Results presented the relevance and contradictions in theories in compariso...
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