A Bibliometric Literature Review of Socio-economic Impact Assessments of Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Technologies

Zırh, Besim Can
Derin Güre, Pınar
Erden Topal, Yelda
Yazıcı, Esin
İpek, Ezgi
Deveci, Abdulkadir
Erdil, Erkan
Sarı, Ramazan
This paper aims to give a quantitative and qualitative literature survey on the Socioeconomic Impact Assessment (SIA) of Solar Energy and PV Technologies. Although there has been an increasing number of research articles on PV and Solar Technologies, how their social impact has been assessed in the literature has not been studied widely. This paper offers a bibliometric and narrative literature review on the socio-economic impact analysis of Solar and PV Technologies. Using a bibliometric approach with the latest analysis tools like Vosviewer and HistCite, illustrations and tabulations of journals, authors, articles, keywords, citations, languages, institutions, and countries are generated from comprehensive Web of Science (WOS) data. The paper highlights the most influential works and authors in the field, emphasize their essential findings on the social impact of solar PV literature and includes recommendations on future action areas. Using qualitative techniques, this paper also discusses the main components of Socio-Economic Impact assessment using Economic Assessment, Environmental Assessment, Health Assessment, Policy Assessment, and other Social Assessment methods used in energy literature and solar energy literature specifically.
PVCON 2022 Photovoltaic Conference


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