Be productive and multiply administrative and economic aspects of Ottoman population policies in the 19th century



The historical formation of the traditional/commercial center of Adana and financial and institutional model for preservation.
Akar, Tuba; Madran, Emre; Department of Restoration and Preservation of Historical Monuments (2002)
The contribution of the housing production of the Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) in meeting housing need in Turkey by provinces
Erözgün Satılmış, Ezgi; Türel, Ali; Department of City and Regional Planning (2011)
Sheltering has been one of the basic rights of human beings during the history of civilization. As it is stated in the Article 25 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, dated 1948, housing right is one of the basic human rights. Therefore, housing is always taken as one of the core issues for the life of individuals and states undertake this matter on behalf of its citizens. However, a full supply of proper housing to meet the housing need of particularly low income groups is still an unresolved issue in...
Yıldız, Mert; Umulu, Sıla; Coşkun, Aykut; Şener Pedgley, Bahar (2021-08-01)
Time is a precious resource, perhaps the most valuable among others. How we plan and spend our time has a direct impact on our wellbeing. Research indicates that top-down time management practices imposed upon us by modern life (e.g. the concept of fixed work time) creates pressure on our wellbeing. This pressure has surely been recently multiplied by COVID-19 pandemic. This paper reports on the procedure and the results of a design workshop carried out to reflect on time and timekeeping practices. The work...
The Nature of interplay among components of pedagogical content knowledge in reaction rate and chemical equilibrium topics of novice and experienced chemistry teachers
Akın, Fatma Nur; Kondakçı, Esen; Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education (2017)
In this qualitative multiple-case design study, I examined the interactions among pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) components of novice and experienced chemistry teachers in teaching reaction rate and chemical equilibrium topics. For this aim, three chemistry teachers who had different levels of teaching experience in chemistry teaching were selected through a process of purposeful sampling. Data were collected through card-sorting task, Content Representation (CoRe) tool, semi-structured interviews, obs...
The merit order effect of wind and river type hydroelectricity generation on Turkish electricity prices
Acar, Berkan; Selcuk, Orhun; Dastan, Seyit Ali (Elsevier BV, 2019-09-01)
The environmental concerns and dependency on gas imports push Turkish policy makers to find ways of increasing the share of renewable sources in electricity generation. Providing incentives for renewable energy in the form of feed-in-tariffs is one of the measures to achieve this goal. Basing on the data of Turkish electricity market operator, we quantified the magnitude of the price effects of wind and river type hydro generations on hourly average of day-ahead prices. We find that wind and river type hydr...
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