Üç bağlam, üç ölçek, üç proje



Effects of specimen height and loading span on the fracture toughness of disc type rock specimens under three point bending
Tez, Yaşar Burkay; Tutluoğlu, Levent; Department of Mining Engineering (2008)
A relatively new fracture toughness testing method called Straight Notched Disc Bending (SNDB) was used before for fracture testing of Ankara Andesite and Afyon Marble cores. In this work to investigate the applicability of the new method to other rock types. With a preliminary notch of 10 mm, straight notched disc type specimens with a diameter of 75 mm were loaded by three-point bending loads. Investigation of effect of specimen height on the stress intensity factor and fracture toughness was carried out....
Effect of loading span on tensile mode fracture toughness for three-point bend specimen geometries
Karataş Batan, Ceren; Tutluoğlu, Levend; Department of Mining Engineering (2020)
Straight notched disk bending specimen geometry has a potential to find size independent mode I fracture toughness, since the thickness of the disk loaded by threepoint bending can be increased. Increasing the thickness and decreasing the loading span of bending reduces the severe bending action at the notch tip and a pure tensile mode stress state can be achieved at and ahead of the crack tip. 3D finite element program (ABAQUS) was used for computing the stress intensity factors by numerical modeling of ci...
Inequity aversion in three level hierarchies
Tel, Muhammed; Küçükşenel, Serkan; Department of Economics (2022-2)
This thesis studies the impacts of wage differences between employees and their immediate superiors in the principal-supervisor-agent framework. It integrates Fehr and Schmidt's (1999) inequity aversion approach into Tirole's (1986) three-level hierarchical model. Due to the inequity averse employees, we observe alterations in the optimal contract parameters as well as the collusion structure. If the supervisor’s sensitivity to being behind the principal is higher than the agent’s sensitivity to being behin...
The effect of three different types of corrective feedback on writing performances of english language learners at university of economics and technology
Eylenen, Sibel; Seferoğlu, Gölge; Department of English Language Education (2008)
This study aimed at investigating the effects of three different types of error correction feedback on foreign language students. This study is conducted in the Department of Foreign Languages at TOBB ETU in three B level clasess and three different error correction techniques are used to mesaure the effectiveness of each one on general writing success of the students. For this purpose, 68 preparatory school students at TOBB ETU participated the study. The data were collected through quantitative and qualit...
Analysis of forging for three different alloy steels
Civelekoğlu, Barış; Darendeliler, Haluk; Gökler, Mustafa İlhan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2003)
Forging is a manufacturing process which is preferred among the others in that, the final product shows more enhanced properties. The properties of the final product are directly related with the material used in the forging process. Main parameters such as forging temperature, number of stages, preform design, dimensions of the billet, etc. may be affected by the forging material. Alloys are one of the main areas of interest in the forging industry. The use of alloy steels may bring superior properties, es...
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