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Predictions of REM Model on the Null List-Strength Effect in Source Recognition

Aytaç, Sinem
Kılıç Özhan, Aslı
Criss, Amy H.
The strength-based mirror effect in recognition memory is the finding observed as an increase in hits and a decrease in false alarms after an additional study. When a set of items is strengthened in a list in which another set is not, recognition memory performance of weak items is not negatively affected by being studied along with strong items. This finding is defined as the null list-strength effect and both of these findings are explained by the differentiation mechanism. Currently the study conducted by the researchers examined the list-strength paradigm in source memory by adopting a recognition task, and demonstrated a strength-based mirror effect and a null list-strength effect in source memory. Following these finding in source recognition memory, predictions of the Retrieving Effectively from Memory model would be explored to understand the underlying processes.