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Hoe, Connie; Uzumcuoglu, Yesim; Hyder, Adnan A. (BMJ; 2016-09-01)
Background Political priority pertains to the agenda setting phase of the policy process whereby an issue emerges as one that draws the attention of and triggers action from high-level decision makers. Few studies have inv...
Nicotine use, problem solving styles and depression levels of university students
Yueksel, Muazzez Merva; Torun, Cagla (2008-06-01)
Emotion Regulation Intervention for Complex Developmental Trauma: Working with Street Children
Pur, Ipek Guzide (2014-05-03)
The prevalent characteristics of street children are self-harm, criminality and substance abuse problems leading to stigmatization of street children in the society. This study aims to be a first step in Turkey to develop ...
A multidimensional study of preference judgments for excerpts of music
Tekman, HG (1998-06-01)
Subjects evaluated how well they liked each one of 38 short excerpts of Western music and also judged how well each excerpt was described by 23 adjectives. How well an excerpt was liked was negatively correlated with the u...
Self-help books and bibliotherapy: Reflections for Turkey
Tanrikulu, Ibrahim (2011-05-29)
The purpose of this study is to explore the use of self-help books with therapeutic aims; and to propose suggestions by discussing the present situation of self-help books in Turkish cultural context. Taking these aims int...
Effects of accenting and regularity on the detection of temporal deviations: Does regularity facilitate performance?
Tekman, HG (Informa UK Limited; 2003-07-01)
In an experiment on the effect of intensity accents on the perception of time intervals between tones, H. G. Tekman (2001) found that the regular placement of deviant time intervals in short sequences of tones reduced dete...
The Predictive Effect of Humor Styles on Somatization
Seivi, Kerim (2016-07-01)
Recognition of faux pas dysfunction in patients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, their unaffected relatives and healthy controls
Ozel-Kizil, E.; BASKAK, BORA; Uran, P.; Cihan, Burçin; Zivrali, E.; ATEŞ NUMANOĞLU, ESRA; CANGÖZ, BANU (2012-10-01)
Implicit and explicit verbal memory performances of patients with bipolar disorder, their unaffected relatives and healthy controls
Ozel-Kizil, E. T.; BASKAK, BORA; CANGÖZ, BANU; Zivrali, E.; Cihan, Burçin; ATEŞ NUMANOĞLU, ESRA; Uran, P. (2012-10-01)
Trait Mindfulness and player experience
KÖSA, Mehmet; Uysal, Ahmet (2017-10-18)