Synthesis and electrochemical study of tetracarbonyl-(n2:2-diene) metal (0) complexes of the group vib elements

Aygüney, Ayten


Synthesis and spectroscopic investigations of some carbonyl-olefin-metal (0) complexes of group 68 elements
Mour, İzzet A; Özkar, Saim; İşçi, Hüseyin; Department of Chemistry (1992)
Synthesis and characterization of tetracarbonylpyrazinetrimethylphosphitetungsten (0) complexes
Alper, Fatma; Özkar, Saim; Department of Chemistry (2004)
In this study, the effect of a donor ligand on the stabilization of a carbonyl pyrazine tungsten complex was studied. The pentacarbonylpyrazinetungsten(0) complex could be formed from the photolysis of hexacarbonyltungsten(0) in the presence of pyrazine and could be isolated as crystalline solid. However, the complex was found to be unstable in solution, being converted to a bimetallic complex, (CO)5W(pyz)W(CO)5 and free pyrazine molecule. Two complexes exist in solution at equilibrium. The equilibrium cons...
Synthesis and Spectroscopic Study of Pentacarbonyl(η2-tetracyanoethylene) Metal(0) Complexes of the Group 6B Elements
Mour, Ïzzet A.; Özkar, Saim (1994-05-01)
Pentacarbonyl (n2-tetracyanoethylene) metal(O) com plexes o f chrom ium , m olybdenum and tung sten have b een synthesized by the photochem ical reaction o f hexacarbonyl metal(O) with te tra cyanoethylene in tolu en e at room tem perature. TTie com plexes w ere purified by chrom atography and recrystallization, and characterized by UV- visible, IR and 13C N M R spectroscopy. T etra cyanoethylene is sym m etrically bonded to the M (C O )5 unit through its c a rb o n -c a rb o n double bond as an ^ 2-ligand....
Synthesis, stereochemistry and reactivity of diimine-carbonylmental (0) complexes of 6B elements
Kayran, Ceyhan; Özkar, Saim; Department of Chemistry (1991)
Synthesis and Spectroelectrochemistry of Dithieno(3,2-b:2 ',3 '-d)pyrrole Derivatives
Udum, Yasemin Arslan; Yildiz, Huseyin Bekir; Azak, Hacer; Sahin, Elif; Talaz, Oktay; Çırpan, Ali; Toppare, Levent Kamil (Wiley, 2014-09-05)
New pi-conjugated polymers containing dithieno(3,2-b: 2',3'-d) pyrrole (DTP) were successfully synthesized via electropolymerization. The effect of structural differences on the electrochemical and optoelectronic properties of the 4-[4H-dithieno(3,2-b: 2',3'-d) pyrrol-4-yl] aniline (DTP-aryl-NH2), 10-[4H-dithiyeno(3,2-b: 2',3'-d) pirol-4-il] dekan-1-amine (DTP-alkyl-NH2), and 1,10-bis[4H-dithieno(3,2-b:2',3'-d) pyrrol-4-yl] decane (DTP-alkyl-DTP) were investigated. The corresponding polymers were characteri...
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A. Aygüney, “Synthesis and electrochemical study of tetracarbonyl-(n2:2-diene) metal (0) complexes of the group vib elements,” Middle East Technical University, 1993.