Singing Bargains



Negotiating Identities Use of Prayer Beads in Turkish Everyday
Tönük Kruıthof, Damla (2012-09-11)
Readİng the mausoleum of augustus İn rome
Ödengiz Başak, Meral; Güven, Suna Naziyet; Department of History of Architecture (2020)
This thesis focuses on the Mausoleum of the first Roman Emperor Augustus in Rome. It studies the Mausoleum as a Roman monument highly laden with symbolic meanings and functions. Built at the age of transition from Republic to Empire, the symbolic meanings and functions of the Mausoleum evolved and expanded within time. The thesis exposes and highlights the formation, evolution and expansion of the symbolic meanings and functions of the Mausoleum in parallel to the transformation of the Roman Republic to the...
Learning to Rank for Joy
Orellana-Rodriguez, Claudia; Nejdl, Wolfgang; Diaz-Aviles, Ernesto; Altıngövde, İsmail Sengör (2014-04-11)
User-generated content is a growing source of valuable information and its analysis can lead to a better understanding of the users needs and trends. In this paper, we leverage user feedback about YouTube videos for the task of affective video ranking. To this end, we follow a learning to rank approach, which allows us to compare the performance of different sets of features when the ranking task goes beyond mere relevance and requires an affective understanding of the videos. Our results show that, while b...
Tracking Mice Face in Video
AKKAYA, Batuhan; TABAR, Yousef Rezaei; GHARBALCHİ, Fourough; Ulusoy, İlkay; Halıcı, Uğur (2016-01-01)
Laboratory mice are frequently used in biomedical studies. Facial expressions of mice provides important data about various issues. For this reason real time tracking of mice provide output to both researcher and software that operate on face image directly. Since body and face of laboratory mice is the same color and mice moves fast, tracking of face of mice is a challenging task. In recent years, methods that uses artificial neural networks provide effective solutions to problems such as classification, d...
Learning a partially-observable card game hearts using reinforcement learning
Demirdöver, Buğra Kaan; Alpaslan, Ferda Nur; Department of Computer Engineering (2020)
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are widely popular in many sectors. Oneof them is the gaming industry. With many different scenarios, different types, gamesare perfect for machine learning and artificial intelligence. This study aims to developlearning agents to play the game of Hearts. Hearts is one of the most popular cardgames in the world. It is a trick based, imperfect information card game. In additionto having a huge state space, hearts offers many extra challenges due to the nature ofth...
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