Social marketing of post-pandemic teleworking to improve the well-being of white-collar workers in İstanbul

Erdoğdu, Ayşe İrem
Compulsory commuting to work brings along many problems at the individual, societal and environmental levels, which have been well-documented in many studies. However, with the pandemic, more employees than ever before in human history have experienced telework. Likewise, the technological developments regarding telework have also gained momentum. Since the studies in the literature mostly belong to the pre-pandemic period, this thesis is separated from the literature because it is based on the unprecedented application of teleworking by most companies. This thesis analyzes the changes in the well-being of the individuals, society and the environment with the elimination of the compulsory commuting. A semi-structured interview method was used with Millennial white-collar workers living in Istanbul, and the findings revealed that teleworking has strong well-being enhancing aspects at all levels. Based on these results, a social marketing strategy was created with the aim of encouraging telework. The result of this study is especially important for white-collar employees and their employers, who have a very high applicability of telework, and those who are concerned with well-being amidst change in the working order.


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A. İ. Erdoğdu, “Social marketing of post-pandemic teleworking to improve the well-being of white-collar workers in İstanbul,” M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration, Middle East Technical University, 2021.