Permutation polynomials and construction of bent functions

Ongan, Pınar
This thesis consists of two main parts: In the first part, a study of several classes ofpermutation and complete permutation polynomials is given, while in the second part,a method of construction of several new classes of bent functions is described.The first part consists of the study of several classes of binomials and trinomialsover finite fields. A complete list of permutation polynomials of the formf(x) =xqn−1q−1+1+bx∈Fqn[x]is obtained for the casen= 5, and a criterion on permutationpolynomials of the same type is derived for the general case. Furthermore, it is shownthat whenqis odd, trinomials of the formf(x) =x5h(xq−1)∈Fq2[x], whereh(x) =x5+x+ 1never permutesFq2.A method of constructing several new classes of bent functions via linear translatorsand permutation polynomials forms the second part of the thesis. First, a way to lifta permutation overF2tto a permutation overF2mis described, wheret|m. Then,via this method,3-tuples of particular permutations that lead to new classes of bentfunctions are obtained. As a last step, the fact that none of the bent functions obtainedhere will be contained in Maiorana-McFarland class is proved.


On plateaued functions, linear structures and permutation polynomials
Mesnager, Sihem; Kaytancı, Kübra; Özbudak, Ferruh (2019-01-01)
We obtain concrete upper bounds on the algebraic immunity of a class of highly nonlinear plateaued functions without linear structures than the one was given recently in 2017, Cusick. Moreover, we extend Cusick’s class to a much bigger explicit class and we show that our class has better algebraic immunity by an explicit example. We also give a new notion of linear translator, which includes the Frobenius linear translator given in 2018, Cepak, Pasalic and Muratović-Ribić as a special case. We find some app...
Some permutations and complete permutation polynomials over finite fields
Ongan, Pinar; GÜLMEZ TEMÜR, BURCU (2019-01-01)
In this paper we determine b is an element of F-qn*. for which the polynomial f(x) = x(s+1) + bx is an element of F-qn[x] is a permutation polynomial and determine b is an element of F-gn* for which the polynomial f(x) = x(s+1)+ bx is an element of F(q)n [x] is a complete permutation polynomial where s = q(n)-1/t, t is an element of Z(+) such that t vertical bar q(n) - 1.
Hierarchical control with partial observations: Sufficient conditions
Boutin, Olivier; Komenda, Jan; Masopust, Tomas; Schmidt, Klaus Verner; Van Schuppen, Jan H. (2011-12-01)
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Dosi, A. (American Mathematical Society (AMS), 2020-01-01)
The paper is devoted to a noncommutative holomorphic functional calculus and its application to noncommutative algebraic geometry. A description is given for the noncommutative (infinite-dimensional) affine spaces A(q)(x), 1 = 0, are calculated.
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P. Ongan, “Permutation polynomials and construction of bent functions,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2021.