Coleridge’s Utopian Pantisocracy: An Experiment in Human Perfectability



Coleridge’s Utopian Pantisocracy
Birlik, Nurten; Yakut Tütüncüoğlu, Özge (2011-07-01)
Schopenhauer’s philosophy of music and the possibility of self-transformation through aesthetic understanding of the world
Aktaş, Abdullah Onur; Turan, Şeref Halil; Department of Philosophy (2013)
Schopenhauer sets forth a very striking proposition about philosophy: He claims that what music expresses is also true philosophy. In addition to this genuine idea, Schopenhauer’s philosophy captures individual situation within existence profoundly with comprehensive discussions on the value of life. Putting these remarks together, at the very hearth of this dissertation two concerns prevail: How is music as philosophy possible and if it is possible, are there any practical implications of it? Yet, in order...
Habermas and the Impasse of Universalism
Karademir, Aret (2012-04-01)
As a contemporary universalist, Jürgen Habermas appropriates Kant’s practical philosophy. He insists, however, that no cultural difference may be disrespected in the name of universalism. Rather, only those moral norms that are accepted by every participant, regardless of their cultural background, of a rational-moral debate are universal. My aim, in this paper, is to show that Habermasian universalism is not co-tenable with the cultural differences he endeavors to incorporate into his Kantian paradigm. In ...
Hobbes and Modern Political Thought
Grıffıth, James Edmond Carr (Edinburgh University Press , 2016-08-01)
Reveals the Hobbesian origins of contemporary political concerns, especially the relationships between state, individual and lawYves Charles Zarka shows you how Hobbes established the framework for modern political thought. Discover the origin of liberalism in the Hobbesian theory of negative liberty; that Hobbesian interest and contract are essential to contemporary discussions of the comportment of economic actors; and how state sovereignty returns anew in the form of the servility of the state.At the sam...
Wordsworth’s Sublime: Poetic Assimilation of the Overplus of Meaning.
Birlik, Nurten (Pamukkale Yay, 2012-07-01)
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N. Birlik and Ö. Yakut Tütüncüoğlu, Coleridge’s Utopian Pantisocracy: An Experiment in Human Perfectability. 2012.