The Light Curve of ER Vul

Eryurt, Dilhan
Kırbıyık, Halil
Kızıloğlu, Ümit
Evren, Mustafa Serdar
Esendemir, Akif
Alev, Murat
Keskin, Varol
Uyanıker, Bülent
Yerli, Sinan Kaan
Baykal, Altan


The Aura of the Digital Column of Constantine
Yoncacı Arslan, Pelin (2021-11-17)
The Hydraulic jump at an abrupt enlargement
Albayrak, Tuncay Kaan; Tokyay, Nuray Denli; Department of Civil Engineering (1997)
The Bedesten in Tire.
Yücesoy, Nail; Department of Architecture (1972)
The landscape of the quantum start-up ecosystem
Seskir, Zeki Can; Korkmaz, Ramis; Aydınoğlu, Arsev Umur (2022-12-01)
The second quantum revolution has been producing groundbreaking scientific and technological outputs since the early 2000s; however, the scientific literature on the impact of this revolution on the industry, specifically on start-ups, is limited. In this paper, we present a landscaping study with a gathered dataset of 441 companies from 42 countries that we identify as quantum start-ups, meaning that they mainly focus on quantum technologies (QT) as their primary priority business. We answer the following ...
The hydraulic jump at an abrupt bottom rise
Ulubayram, Halik; Tokyay, Nuray; Department of Civil Engineering (1989)
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