Analysis of correlated circular and extremal data with a flexible cylindrical distribution

In this article, we introduce a flexible cylindrical distribution for modeling and analysis of dependent extremal and directional observations. The distribution can be used to investigate the connection between two related phenomena, such as the daily fastest wind speed and its direction. The proposed model is applicable for the analysis of a wide variety of cylindrical data, including datasets with asymmetrically distributed directional observations. The model enjoys the advantages of interpretable model parameters, known marginal and conditional distributions, and a practical test for independence. Our simulation study shows that maximum likelihood estimators of the model parameters maintain desired finite sample properties. The distribution is then used to characterize the joint behavior of atmospheric variables in the context of wildfires or bushfires.


Approximation of pattern transformation manifolds with parametric dictionaries
Vural, Elif (2011-07-12)
The construction of low-dimensional models explaining high-dimensional signal observations provides concise and efficient data representations. In this paper, we focus on pattern transformation manifold models generated by in-plane geometric transformations of 2D visual patterns. We propose a method for computing a manifold by building a representative pattern such that its transformation manifold accurately fits a set of given observations. We present a solution for the progressive construction of the repr...
Consideration of spatial variation of the length scale parameter in static and dynamic analyses of functionally graded annular and circular micro-plates
Eshraghi, Iman; Dağ, Serkan; Soltani, Nasser (2015-09-01)
This article introduces new methods for static and free vibration analyses of functionally graded annular and circular micro-plates, which can take into account spatial variation of the length scale parameter. The underlying higher order continuum theory behind the proposed approaches is the modified couple stress theory. A unified way of expressing the displacement field is adopted so as to produce numerical results for three different plate theories, which are Kirchhoff plate theory (KPT), Mindlin plate t...
Analysis and design of conformal frequency selective surfaces /
Dalkılıç, Akın; Alatan, Lale; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2014)
An efficient analysis and design approach for conformal frequency selective surface (FSS) structures is developed. The design methodology involves the analysis of both the planar and curved FSS structures. First, planar unit cell analysis of conformal FSS models are accomplished for normal and oblique incidence cases. To prove conformal applicability of planar designs, a semi-finite analysis method is utilized. This method is based on solution of a singly periodic curved FSS structure of semi-cylinder shape...
Investigation of Stationarity for Graph Time Series Data Sets
Güneyi, Eylem Tuğçe; Vural, Elif (2021-01-07)
Graphs permit the analysis of the relationships in complex data sets effectively. Stationarity is a feature that facilitates the analysis and processing of random time signals. Since graphs have an irregular structure, the definition of classical stationarity does not apply to graphs. In this study, we study how stationarity is defined for graph random processes and examine the validity of the stationarity assumption with experiments on synthetic and real data sets.
Investigation of effect of design and operating parameters on acoustophoretic particle separation via 3D device-level simulations
Sahin, Mehmet Akif; ÇETİN, BARBAROS; Özer, Mehmet Bülent (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-12-16)
In the present study, a 3D device-level numerical model is implemented via finite element method to assess the effects of design and operating parameters on the separation performance of a microscale acoustofluidic device. Elastodynamic equations together with electromechanical coupling at the piezoelectric actuators for the stress field within the solid parts, Helmholtz equation for the acoustic field within fluid, and Navier-Stokes equations for the fluid flow are coupled for the simulations. Once the zer...
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