“I have a diploma, now I need a youthpass”: european Voluntary service as a shortcut to employment?



“I Do Not Like Thee, Doctor Fell”: A Lacanian Analysis.”
Birlik, Nurten (2005-01-20)
Dinç Altun, Nilay; Işık Güler, Hale; Department of English Language Teaching (2021-6)
The study at hand investigates adult ESL learners' request emails to the faculty. The study aims to reveal the request strategies and the use of email components in the authentic emails of adult ESL learners when sending a request email to the faculty. For this purpose, 145 naturally occurring request emails were collected from the intermediate level students at an adult public school in Washington DC. The study examines the level of directness, internal and external modification, forms of address, request ...
“I play because it is fun”: Play Experiences of Preschoolers
Kılınçcı, Emine; Çetken, Hatice Şebnem; Sevimli Çelik, Serap (2021-07-06)
Throughout the years, various research studies have been conducted to understand the concept of play in terms of its benefits on development, the play types children engage in, the play behaviors children act out, and the materials children play with. In this research, the aim was to investigate the play experiences of young children between the age of 5 to 6. Children (n=98) were asked to describe (a) why they play, (b) what they play, (c) with whom they play, (d) where they play, and (e) when they play. T...
“I believe in the beauty of differences”: A workshop on Intercultural Communicative Competence.
Çopur, Deniz (2019-06-21)
Collaboration, communication, and social skills are the essential abilities for 21th-century students to be successful in their future careers, and the survival skills required in diverse communities and global business contexts. These are also the competencies we, English language teachers in an EFL country, are responsible for developing in our students, as we teach a language, which is the medium of professional communication and collaboration in today’s world. This workshop aims to present its par...
“Every student didn’t learn English” the acquisition of scope by L2 learners of English
Göktürk, Nazlınur; Gracanın Yüksek, Martına; Department of English Language Teaching (2016)
This thesis examines how Turkish learners of English interpret constructions involving negation and a universal quantifier phrase such as every squirrel didn’t pick up nuts. Two experiments were conducted in this study. The first experiment, which consisted of an off-line acceptability rating task, was devised to set the baseline for Turkish and English native speakers’ scope interpretations of the target constructions, and to test how L2 learners with different proficiency levels (i.e., intermediate and ad...
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