A Complete Simplified Framework in Determination of Seismic Racking Response of Shallow Buried Structures

Özcebe, Ali Güney
Çetin, Kemal Önder
15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering


A Case study for calculating and reporting the uncertainty budget of 1 and 2 dimensional combined hydraulic model
Gül, Uğraş Sidar; Altan Sakarya, Ayşe Burcu; Department of Civil Engineering (2019)
This study aims to suggest a framework to quantify and report the uncertainty budget of a 1 & 2 dimensional hydraulic model of five possible error sources by using ISO GUM method. The river engineers take into account several considerations when they design the riverbeds; one of the main considerations is the flood protection aspect of the riverbed, to asses that a hydraulic model is usually prepared. However, results generated from the hydraulic models are not exempt from errors. The ISO GUM method provide...
A detailed ensemble Monte Carlo study of the effect of quantum well width on quantum well infrared photodetector characteristics
Memiş, S.; Cellek, O.o.; Bostanci, U.; Tomak, Mehmet; Beşikci, Cengiz (2006-10-10)
We present a simulation based investigation of the dependence of the device characteristics on the quantum well width in AlGaAs/GaAs quantum well infrared photodetectors (QWIPs) through the ensemble Monte Carlo technique. The simulations on two different standard Al0.3Ga0.7As/GaAs QWIPs with quantum well widths of 36 and 44 Å have shown that the gain in the former is considerably higher, which is due to much longer lifetime of the photoexcited electrons as a result of lower capture probability in the device...
A Simplified approach for prediction of metal cutting machine tool capability
Raca, Dankan; Esin, Alp; Karabay, Macit; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1997)
A comprehensive approach for the instability of PbTe quantum dots and design of a combinatorial passivation strategy
Hacıefendioğlu, Tuğba; Solmaz, Taha K.; Erkan, Merve; Asil Alptekin, Demet (Elsevier BV, 2020-04-01)
Limited air stability circumvents the outstanding properties of the PbTe quantum dots (QDs) and hinders its utilization in the field of optoelectronics. In this respect, we present a detailed understanding on the instability of the PbTe QDs and develop a combinatorial passivation protocol based on engineering the QD surface during the growth phase and solid state ligand exchange process. The dual passivation approach yields thin films and solar cells with outstanding stabilities under ambient conditions. Pr...
A Complete Analysis and a Novel Solution for Instability in Pump Controlled Asymmetric Actuators
Çalışkan, Hakan; Balkan, Raif Tuna (ASME International, 2015-9-1)
<jats:p>This paper addresses the stability problem of pump controlled asymmetric hydraulic actuators and proposes a physical solution for it. The system under consideration utilizes a shuttle valve to compensate for unequal flow rates due to the asymmetry in the actuator. Possible hydraulic circuit configurations resulting from various valve positions are defined on the load pressure versus velocity plane and a generalized linear model of the system is derived. The investigation shows that there exists a cr...
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A. G. Özcebe and K. Ö. Çetin, “A Complete Simplified Framework in Determination of Seismic Racking Response of Shallow Buried Structures,” presented at the 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Lisbon, Portekiz, 2012, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/92711.