Revisiting selves through a “success” perspective: An autoethnographic quest of a language teacher across intercultural spaces



Revisiting Foucault from the perspective of ‘the history of the present’
Kolçak, Burcu; İnam, Ahmet; Department of Philosophy (2016)
The common approach to classify Foucault’s enterprise by means of three separate phases as ‘archeology’ of the 1960s, ‘genealogy’ of the 1970s and ‘ethics’ of the 1980s is one of those interpretations, which is based on treating Foucault’s work as distinct and incompatible slices which does not and cannot represent a unifying project. This interpretation approaches to Foucault’s historical philosophical-analyses based on a pre-condition of incompatibility. In other words, such an interpretation tends to con...
Revisiting cultural life in Allied-occupied Istanbul 1918–1923
Tongo Overfield Shaw, Gizem (2020-12-01)
Revisiting Shape Embedding
Keles, Hacer Yalim; Ozkar, Mine; Tarı, Zehra Sibel (2009-09-19)
We propose and describe a working computer implementation for shape grammars that handles embedding relations in two dimensional shapes. The technical framework proposed explores a graph data structure to temporarily represent boundary elements of shapes and how they are assembled. With the associated algorithms, this structure enables a systematic search for parts. The employment of user defined constraints allows for an interactive search. In accordance with the continuous character of shapes, the study p...
Revisiting history through gothic evocations in Pat Barker’s regeneration trilogy /
Hoş, Gül Deniz; Alpakın Martınez Caro, Dürrin; Department of English Literature (2015)
This thesis aims at analyzing how Pat Barker’s Regeneration trilogy evokes traditional and modern Gothic elements in terms of settings, shell shocked soldiers’ trauma-induced spectral illusions, overwhelming effect of past on present, and dissociative identity disorder. The trilogy reveals Gothic-like atmosphere of the First World War as well as its reflection on the characters’ frames of mind. By incorporating Gothic elements into her trilogy, Barker offers a multi-dimensional reading and also emphasizes f...
Revisiting AKP’ s conservative democracy as an empty signifier in Turkish politics what purchase for Europe
Alpan, Başak Zeynep (null; 2015-07-24)
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