A network perspective of international entrepreneurship within small and medium-sized firms: A review and research agenda

Bıçakçıoğlu-Peynirci, Nilay
Given a rising tendency on international entrepreneurship among researchers and practitioners, a wealth of previous studies has evolved into a rich and fragmented body of knowledge over time. In that vein, this study is aimed to critically assess and synthesize all research studies on international entrepreneurship from the perspective of network theory with respect to the research design, conceptual approaches, and empirical issues, consisting of emergent research themes. Within the scope of this systematic and comprehensive review, a content analysis was employed with an intent to examine 112 studies on international entrepreneurship published between 1996 and 2020. The results demonstrate eight emergent research themes that reveal how the conversation among researchers expanded the network perspective of international entrepreneurship by extending the intellectual knowledge gradually. Apart from revealing emergent research streams, this study also offers promising research agenda for small and medium-sized entrepreneurial firms operating internationally in order to advance the current knowledge within the specific field of subject.


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