Tersine Dönen Kişilikler



Ters evrişim ve tamamen gözü kapalı kanal kestrimi
Tuncer, Engin T.(2010)
Bu proje çalışmasında, dört temel konu işlenmiştir. Ters evrişim konusunda yapılan çalışmada, FIR, IIR, ve Blok tabanlı Wiener ters evrişim yapıları incelenmiş, bu yapılara ait en küçük ortalama hata değerleri için kapalı formüller türetilmiştir. Bu tür yapıların giriş işaretinin sadece bir bölgesini elde etmek için kullanılması durumunda hata oranının düştüğü gösterilmiştir. Gözü-kapalı kanal kestirimi konusunda yapılan çalışmada, SISO ve SIMO yapısındaki sistemler için kanal derecesi, kanal katsayıları, ç...
Design and performance analysis of a reversible axial flow fan
Köktürk, Tolga; Eralp, O. Cahit; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2005)
Reversible axial flow fans are used as emergency ventilation fans to discharge the smoke generated on the probable fires occurring in the underground transportation systems and mines as quickly as possible, without causing any harm to people exposed to it. The fans which are placed in different configurations according to the location of fire must be able to work bi-directionally, namely reversible. Due to this fact, the blade profiles of the fan must possess the same aerodynamic performance while working o...
Product properties prediction after forming process sequence
Koçaker, Bahadır; Tekkaya, A. Erman; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2003)
Investigation of air bubble motion in counter-current water flow conditions
Bezdegümeli, Uğur; Yeşin, Ahmet Orhan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2003)
In this thesis study, air bubble motion in counter-current water flow conditions in a vertical pipe is investigated experimentally. For this purpose, a test set-up was designed and constructed. Images of motions of single bubbles, having different diameters in the range of 3.0-4.8 mm, generated by specially designed bubble injectors were recorded by using a monochrome camera, an image capture card and a PC. Recorded video images were processed to obtain the necessary data for the The purpose of the study is...
Some Studies on CCZ-Equivalence of the Inverse Function
Fidan, Mehtap; ÖZBUDAK, Ferruh; Department of Cryptography (2021-9-28)
Most cryptographic systems, like block ciphers, depend heavily on vectorial Boolean functions. A function with good cryptological properties should have low differential uniformity which is invariant under some equivalence classes. The more general one of these is CCZ-equivalence which is introduced by Carlet, Charpin and Zinoviev in 1998. In cryptography, CCZ-equivalence gained an interest since it preserves many significant properties like differential uniformity. Looking for permutations within the CCZ-c...
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