One crisis after another: A dynamic unemployment persistence analysis for the GIPS countries



One-hour versus two-hour postprandial blood glucose measurement in women with gestational diabetes mellitus: which is more predictive?
Ozgu-Erdinc, A. Seval; Iskender, Cantekin; Uygur, Dilek; Oksuzoglu, Aysegul; Seckin, K. Doga; Yeral, M. Ilkin; Kalaylıoğlu Akyıldız, Zeynep Işıl; Yucel, Aykan; Danisman, A. Nuri (2016-06-01)
The purpose of this study is to investigate postprandial 1-h (PP1) and 2-h (PP2) blood glucose measurements' correlation with adverse perinatal outcomes. This prospective cohort study consisted of 259 women with gestational diabetes mellitus. During each antenatal visit, HbA1c and fasting plasma glucose (FPG) as well as plasma glucose at PP1 and PP2 were analyzed. There were 144 patients on insulin therapy and 115 patients on diet therapy. A total of 531 blood glucose measurements were obtained at different...
One polymer for all: benzotriazole containing donor-acceptor type polymer as a multi-purpose material
Balan, Abidin; Baran, Derya; Günbaş, Emrullah Görkem; Durmus, Asuman; Ozyurt, Funda; Toppare, Levent Kamil (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), 2009-01-01)
A polymer switching between all RGB colors, black and transmissive states was synthesized. The polymer (PTBT) is soluble, processable, both p- and n-dopable, fluorescent and its properties in entire spectrum offer potential uses in NIR devices, LEDs and solar cells. PTBT possesses almost all properties in a single polymer for optoelectronic applications.
One-time proxy signatures revisited
Bicakci, Kemal (Elsevier BV, 2007-05-01)
Proxy signatures are useful constructions in grid computing, mobile agents and many other emerging applications. In a recent work [Huaxiong Wang and Josef Pieprzyk: Efficient One-Time Proxy Signatures. Proc. ASIACRYPT'03, LNCS 2894, Springer 2003.], Wang and Pieprzyk proposed a one-time signature scheme which allows full delegation to a proxy with an added feature that allows tracing the authorship of the signature in case of a dispute. In this paper we present a simple alternative approach that eliminates ...
One-warehouse multi-retailer problem under inventory control and transportation policies
Solyalı, Oğuz; Süral, Haldun; Department of Industrial Engineering (2008)
We consider a one-warehouse multi-retailer system where the warehouse orders or receives from its supplier and replenishes multiple retailers with direct shipping or multi-stop routing over a finite time horizon. The warehouse has the knowledge of external (deterministic) demands at the retailers and manages their inventories while ensuring no stock-out. We consider two problems with direct shipping policy and two problems with routing policy. For the direct shipping policy, the problem is to determine the ...
One-Way Active Delay Measurement With Error Bounds
Eylen, Tayfun; Bazlamaçcı, Cüneyt Fehmi (2015-12-01)
This paper deals with the problem of measuring the delay of a packet in a network with an associated error bound, but without having a need for clock synchronization and for any form of bidirectional messaging between the sender and receiver. A novel lightweight technique is proposed that aims at keeping the actual error made in the delay estimation very low while simultaneously providing a good error bound for each individual estimated packet delay. One-way delay measurement without clock synchronization a...
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D. Yıldırım Kasap, One crisis after another: A dynamic unemployment persistence analysis for the GIPS countries. 2021, p. 142.