Adapration study of relationship comparison scale



Bar model method as a problem-solving heuristic: an investigation of two preservice teachers' solution paths in problems involving ratio and percentage
Sevinç, Şerife; Lizano, Cheryl (2022-08-01)
This study aimed to explore preservice elementary teachers' use of a bar model as a heuristic for conceptualising relationships between quantities in situations involving ratio and percentages. As a part of a larger project, we focused on two preservice teachers, Maia and Jane, and investigated their solution paths in ratio and percentage problems and the role of the structural representations (i.e., bar model and percent line-bar model) in their solution paths. We analysed these focus participants' written...
Metaheuristic Based Automated Evaluation Method for Public Investment Project
Yılmaz, Tulug Figen; Karagöz, Pınar (null; 2015-09-25)
The public investment projects are essential to improve the state economy and life of people. Since the resources are limited, developing automated project performance evaluation systems are required. In this work, we propose a metaheuristic algorithm based approach for automated project evaluation. Project evaluation involves selecting the attributes effective for evaluation, determining the weights of the selected attributes and determining cut-off values for project evaluation. In the attribute selection...
DaParT: a data-parallel programming tool
Şener, Cevat; Kiper, Ayşe; Department of Computer Engineering (2000)
Association Cost Enforcing Spatial Consistency for Tracklet Merging
Gürbüz, Yeti Ziya; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2017-05-18)
In this study, min-cost network flow formulation for multi-target tracking is adopted for the tracklet merging problem in wide area surveillance. In order to improve the continuity of the computed flows by the min-cost network flow framework, a novel tracklet association cost is proposed to be utilized in this network. The proposed cost is based on connecting two tracklets by considering the traffic flow which is estimated from the precomputed tracklets. Such an approach enforces spatial consistencies betwe...
Adjoint based design optimization of subsonic airfoils with a panel code
Sarıkaya, Berk; Tuncer, İsmail Hakkı; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2022-7-25)
An in-house panel code written in Fortran is automatically differentiated and developed into an adjoint-based aerodynamic shape optimization tool for airfoil profiles. The automatic differentiation tool, FDOT, is employed in reverse mode to obtain the discrete-adjoint solver. The adjoint-based sensitivity derivatives (i.e. gradient vector) are validated against the finite difference approach. The computed sensitivity derivatives are then employed for the gradient based aerodynamic shape optimization of subs...
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