A partial geochemical study of bottom sediments from the İzmit bay.

Yörük, Rıza


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In 1999, Turkey was struck by two major earthquakes that occurred 86 days apart on the North Anatolian Fault system. Both earthquakes had right-lateral strike-slip mechanisms with moment magnitudes greater than 7. The number of strong-motion records obtained from the Kocaeli earthquake (17 August 1999, M-w 7.4) was 34. The second event, designated as the Bolu-Duzce earthquake (12 November 1999, M-w 7.2), triggered 20 instruments. Among the records that we have from these earthquakes, seven are from near-sou...
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R. Yörük, “A partial geochemical study of bottom sediments from the İzmit bay.,” Middle East Technical University, 1988.