“Eleştirel Bölgeselcilik”



Drawing as a “critical act”: fiction and the unconventional architecture of Lebbeus Woods
Köken, Burcu; Savaş Sargın, Ayşen; Department of Architecture (2015)
This thesis, essentially aims to explore the processes of architecture production by focusing on political motive forces; through the utilization of a crucially assigned medium, the “drawing.” It will be an inquiry into drawing as a creative and “critical” architectural product. The significance of the drawing, not solely as an instrument for architecture, but also as an entity itself, had mentioned by Diana Agrest, as she describes “architectural production” in three subtitles which she calls “texts”: writ...
“Birleşmiş Milletler Deniz Hukuku Sözleşmesi ve Deniz Çevresinin Korunması”, Ankara Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi Dergisi, Cilt 56, Sayı 1, s. 1-37.
Güneş, Şule (2007-01-01)
Finansallaşma Döneminde Türkiye Şirketler Sektörü: Karlar ve Birleşme Satın Almalar
Demiröz, Demir (Routledge, London/New York , 2018-10-01)
Çalışma iki ana kısımdan oluşmaktadır. İlk kısımda 1982-2014 yıllarını kapsar şekilde Türkiye'de şirketler sektörünün karlılığı incelenmektedir. İkinci kısımda 2002-2014 yılları arası dönemde Türkiye'de şirket birleşme ve devralmaları analiz edilmektedir.
A Survey on cryptographic protocols using pairing-based cryptography
Fetvacı, Şeyma; Cenk, Murat; Department of Cryptography (2019)
With the thousands of works on pairing-based cryptography, the purpose of using pairings in the protocols/schemes have changed. Before, they were used just to attack the systems. Nowadays, they have been used to design such new cryptosystems that there were no applicable methods before for these protocols like Joux's key agreement scheme. The main purpose of this thesis is to analyze how some of these protocols use pairings-based cryptography in their schemes and what they achieve with these schemes. We fur...
Level generation using genetic algorithms and difficulty testing using reinforcement learning in match-3 game
Dukkancı, Samet Alp; Alpaslan, Ferda Nur; Department of Computer Engineering (2021-9)
The gaming industry is an enormous one that includes game development, art, and marketing. It has grown faster in recent years, especially in the mobile gaming area. Competition in mobile gaming increased in such a way that it brings us some challenges like quick prototyping, automation, minimum viable products, and so on. Level generation is the most important issue in the development period because unique and well-adjusted difficulty for a level is generally tested by humans many times for one level to as...
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