What role can communities play in supporting local resilience to climate emergencies

Manchester Festival of Climate Action


What Difference Do Extra-Curricular Activities Make in EarthquakePreparedness Education? A Comparative Case Study of Two Schools
(null; 2017-10-28)
What Is the Impact of Choosing One's Spouse on Marital Satisfaction of Wives and Husbands? The Case of Arranged and Self-Choice Turkish Marriages
İmamoğlu, Emine Olcay; Ads, Menatalla; Weisfeld, Carol C. (SAGE Publications, 2019-07-01)
The present study explored how Turkish husbands and wives in arranged or self-selected marriages differ in terms of the love, partnership, and problems components of marital satisfaction. Four hundred and fifty-six heterosexual couples participated in the study. Indeed, 33% of the marriages were identified as arranged. Marital satisfaction was measured by using the Love for Spouse, Partnership, and Problems with Partner scales (from the Marriage and Relationship Questionnaire), all of which had previously b...
What is the Impact of Lessepsian Species on Eastern Mediterranean Fisheries?
Lefkaditou, Evgenia; Abdelaty, Mohamed; Bariche, Michel; Corsini-Foka, Mariolina; Dimech, Mark; Economidis, Panagiotis; Gücü, Ali Cemal; Kalogirou, Stefanos; Konnaris, Kostas; Lahouf, Imad; Madi, Abdalnaser; Majdalani, Samir; Mahmoud, Hatem Hanafy; Michailidis, Nikolas; El Mokdad, Dahej; Nader, Manal; Qamheyih, Mohamed; Orsi-Relini, Lidia; Pagiatas, Giorgos; et.al. (2011-10-29)
The migration of Lessepsian species, which was the result of the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 and further facilitated by human activities and environmental conditions, seems to play a key role for fisheries particularly in the Levant basin. However, there is still lack of accurate data for most of the Lessepsian species in order to evaluate their positive or negative effect to the fisheries catches and local fish stocks. The Project "Scientific and Institutional Cooperation to Support Responsible Fishe...
What is the motivation difference between university students and high school students?
Tüysüz, Mustafa; Yildiran, Demet; Demirci, Nilgun (2010-02-08)
Recent years, it has been seen that affective variables are needed to be considered for better science learning. One of the valuable affective variables is the motivation. Motivation itself is an important factor that increases students' achievement. Because of this finding, in this study motivation of students in high school and in universities are investigated to compare how the students' motivation is changing when they choose a science area for studying in the universities. It was found that university ...
How does prior knowledge affect student engagement in undergraduate level computer literacy classes
Öncü, Semiral; Şengel, Erhan; Delialioğlu, Ömer (null; 2008-05-08)
Many freshmen show no interest in computer literacy classes. They do not participate or actively seek information. It is hypothesized in this study that this tendency results from prior computer knowledge. Students who already mastered the content do not find it useful, so they get bored, leading to the hypotheses that (1) students who are computer literate will have low student engagement and have high achievement. Moreover (2) students who are not computer literate will have high engagement, and have exam...
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