Gender differences in perception and usage of public transit technologies: Implications for digital government

Technological solutions available to public agencies in delivering public services have increased, including the information and communication technologies (ICTs) used in public transit. For many women who depend on public transit services to access employment, childcare, education, health, and political processes (Hamilton & Jenkins, 2000), transit technologies may offer increased convenience and benefits and eventually improve their living conditions. While women tend to use public transit services more intensively than men (Racca & Ratledge, 2004), prior studies have shown that their perceptions and attitudes towards ICTs and patterns of technology use tend to differ from men. On the other hand, these differences are not well explored in the context of public transit services. Accordingly, using systematic literature review methodology, this paper intends to outline what we know and do not know about gender differences in technology adoption in the public transportation context to develop a research agenda for future studies. It aims to inform theory and policy development for digital government by identifying the gaps in this area..
Information Polity


Wireless networking in tunnelling projects
Nielsen, Yasemin; Koseoglu, Ozan (Elsevier BV, 2007-05-01)
Emerging collaborative technologies and working methods often require tremendous engineering and organisational efforts for successful implementation of information and communication technologies (ICTs). According to a research conducted in Turkish construction industry, most of the problems that occur during the construction phase are due to lack of co-operation and communication between designers and contractors and lack of prompt expert decisions during on-site engineering. Similar to any major construct...
Technological innovation model for public sector
Arpacı, İbrahim; Arifoğlu, Ali; Department of Information Systems (2009)
Innovations in the public services have become mandatory to provide more efficient and secured services to the citizens. In today's fast changing technological environment, the sustained management of innovation is the most vital executive task for the organizations. Identification of the technological innovation process is required in order to manage innovation in the public organizations. This thesis study aims to build a technological innovation model for public organizations in Turkey identifying techno...
Location–routing and synchronization problems in city logistics
Farham, Mohammad Saleh; Süral, Haldun; Department of Industrial Engineering (2020)
City logistics aims to improve urban freight transportation by considering the costs and benefits of public and private sectors, consolidating segmented freight shipments, and integrating the individual actors in a collaborative environment. This thesis studies network design problems in city logistics systems to address managerial challenges in urban freight transportation. We consider two network design schemes, namely the one and the two-echelon distribution networks, to formulate strategic and tactical ...
Gendering space : security and surveillance perceptions of single women in Istanbul
Tulaz, Asalet; Şengül, Hüseyin Tarık; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2008)
In today’s cities, surveillance become a more common and internalized tool for control that spreads to everyday life with the assistance of new technologies. Numerous surveillance techniques for security reasons such as electronic surveillance on computers or phones, cameras in public and private spaces, fingerprint and eye scans at doors, investigations, credit cards, travel cards become an ordinary part of a modern individual. The study’s point of departure is the question of whether people willingly acce...
Adaptable Safety and Security in V2X Systems
VİLLARREAL VASQUEZ, Miguel; BHARGAVA, Bharat; Angın, Pelin (2017-06-30)
With the advances in the areas of mobile computing and wireless communications, V2X systems have become a promising technology enabling deployment of applications providing road safety, traffic efficiency and infotainment. Due to their increasing popularity, V2X networks have become a major target for attackers, making them vulnerable to security threats and network conditions, and thus affecting the safety of passengers, vehicles and roads. Existing research in V2X does not effectively address the safety, ...
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