Arkotdağ formasyonunun litolojisi, kökeni ve Kuzey Anadolu fay zonu ile muhtemel bağıntısı

Tokay, Melih
Öztürk, Ali
Koçyiğit, Ali


Estimation of rock mass rating values with geostatistical analysis
Özkan, Esma Selma; Erkayaoğlu, Mustafa; Department of Mining Engineering (2019)
The raw material of many goods, products, and equipment used by humankind on earth or even in space are obtained from extracted and enriched minerals from the surface or underground mines. A large proportion of the energy produced and used worldwide are derived from carbon-containing materials that are extracted from mining operations. This points out that the demand for these materials is not expected to decrease for human beings to sustain their existence on earth and may be in space. As this requirement ...
Investigation of the adsorption of dithiophosphate and dithiophosphinate on chalcopyrite as a function of pulp potential and pH
Güler, Taki; Hiçyılmaz, Cahit; Gökağaç, Gülsün; Department of Mining Engineering (2002)
Pulp potential and pH play important roles on flotation of sulphide ores. These parameters define the redox products formed on sulphide mineral surface. Therefore, it is essential to investigate electrochemical behaviour of sulphide minerals under different conditions. In this research, electrochemical behaviour of chalcopyrite from Artvin- Murgul deposit were investigated in the presence and absence of dithiophosphate (DTP) and dithiophosphinate (DTPI) by cyclic voltammetry and Diffuse Reflectance Infrared...
Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the paleocene-eocene sequences in the western and central black sea region, Turkey
Güray, Alev; Altıner, Sevinç; Department of Geological Engineering (2014)
The Paleocene-Eocene sequences are widely distributed around onshore and offshore Black Sea. When the previous studies in the Turkish coasts of the Black Sea are considered, the deficiency of a detailed biostratigraphical framework attracts the attention. The taxonomy of the planktonic foraminifera and the benthic foraminifera assemblages are important for the establishment of the new biostratigraphical frame in the Paleocene-Eocene sequences of the Western and Central Black Sea regions. The Paleocene-Eocen...
Genetic History of Anatolia during Holocene
Koptekin, Dilek; Somel, Mehmet; Department of Medical Informatics (2022-9-1)
Anatolia has been a key region in Eurasian history, acting as a bridge for cultural exchanges between Europe and Asia during the Holocene. However, the demographic transformation of Anatolian and neighbouring populations during these ten millennia is largely unknown. This work has two main research foci: 1) to investigate the role of gene flow in cultural interactions during the Neolithic period between Central Anatolian and Aegean communities and to evaluate the possibility of large-scale human movements d...
Effects of nanoparticles on the performance of drilling fluids
Bal, Berk; Kök, Mustafa Verşan; Gücüyener, İsmail Hakkı; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2017)
In this master thesis, effects of nanoparticles on the filtration and rheological properties of water-based drilling fluids are experimentally investigated. Four different silica nanoparticles are added into the lignosulfonate and bentonite based drilling fluids. By using data obtained at the end of this research, filtration and rheological properties of nanofluids are analyzed and compared with the base fluids at different temperatures. Two groups of experiments are conducted in this research. In the first...
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