Sultanahmet, Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula: Musealization and Urban Conservation



Ismail Gasprinski and Ziya Gökalp Two Pioneers of Turkish Identity
Köksal, Pınar (2001-11-01)
Sayfiye to banlieue : suburban landscape around Anatolian railways, from mid-nineteenth century to the World War II
Salah, Ebru; Sargın, Güven Arif; Department of Architecture (2013)
The major intention of this dissertation is to reveal a new perspective for suburbanization by discussing the transformation of the rural space into suburban space and formation of suburban landscape within the context of social production of space and theories of landscape. A methodological and conceptual framework is developed through a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing the theories of architecture, urban planning and cultural geography for understanding production of suburban landscape. Although, ...
Sedad Hakkı Eldem's typological analysis of the "Turkish House" as a tool for an operative design methodology.
Özbil, N. Ayşe; Bilsel, Cana; Department of Architecture (2002)
Atatürk Forest Farm as a heritage asset within the context of Turkish planning experience 1937-2017
Çavdar Sert, Selin; Barlas, Mehmet Adnan; Department of City and Regional Planning (2017)
There is a substantial amount of study examining the historic and instrumental values of Atatürk Forest Farm. However, one cannot come across any comprehensive study that reveals its tangible and intangible assets as well as the recognition wherein in its planning history. In that, the aim is to identify heritage assets of Atatürk Forest Farm and reveal its uncharted planning history by introducing archival materials; interpreting planning documents and making in-depth interviews with specialists who took p...
Kayraktepe dam and HEPP, environmentally acceptable alternative solution
Sever, Özgür; Tiğrek, Şahnaz; Department of Civil Engineering (2010)
In this study, alternative solution of Kayraktepe Dam is investigated. Kayraktepe Dam was planned more than 30 years ago, but due to various reasons the construction could not be realized. In this study, an alternative feasible formulation was developed. Former Kayraktepe Dam was planned for multiple objectives: flood control, energy generation and water supply for irrigation. The newly developed formulation was designed to meet these objects as well.
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