From Bones to Genomes: Current Research on the Population History of Prehistoric Anatolia

Kazancı, Duygu Deniz
Altınışık, Ezgi
Aydoğan, Ayça
Sürer, Elif
Atakuman, Çiğdem
Somel, Mehmet


From Monuments to Miniatures: Emergence of Stamps and Related Image-bearing Objects during the Neolithic
Atakuman, Çiğdem (2015-11-01)
In southwest Asia, the emphasis on architecture and burial ritual, which was instrumental in the construction of place-bound identities during the EarlyNeolithic (c. 10,000-7000 cal. bc), shifted toward an emphasis on miniature portable objects, such as figurines, stamps and ceramics, during the Later Neolithic (c. 7000-5000 cal. bc). Through a focus on stamps, this article argues that the appearance and proliferation of image-bearing portable objects is related to a new understanding of identities around e...
From Intention to Action: Realization of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Buildings
Peker, Ender; İLHAN, AKGÜN (2022-10-12)
From Chaos to Cosmos: Strategic Depth and Turkish Foreign Policy in Syria
Bağcı, Hüseyin (Springer, Cham, 2015-01-01)
Wars and conflicts have been a key determinant of international system dynamics. The end of the Cold War was especially noteworthy as a new era for all actors in terms of policy making and international dynamics. Then 9/11 completely changed perception of war and American unilateralism triumph shaped the system based on security. As former President Bush said “a new era has started”, in this new order Turkey became more vital for US in its war on terrorism. Although Turkey has never been considered as great...
From Physics to Language, from Teacher to Teacher Trainer: A Narrative Study
Gümüşok, Fatma; Seferoğlu, Gölge (2019-04-10)
There is an established relationship between student learning and the quality of teachers, which renders researchers to explore who teachers are as a professional group and what practices they perform. However, such a link is absent in educating/training teachers. In the Turkish context, where frequent changes occur in the educational structure, especially in language teaching, minimal attention is paid to teacher trainers who primarily guide teachers through these latest updates. Therefore, this study inve...
From Mining Innovations to Sustainable Development: Keynote Speakers of the First to the Second International Innovative Mining Symposium
CEHLAR, Michal; Janocko, Juraj; Demirel, Nuray; Anyona, Seroni; Voeth, Stefan; TYULENEV, Maxim; ZHİRONKİN, Sergey (EDP Sciences; 2017-11-22)
24-26 April, 2017 the Scientific Practical Conference "International Innovative Mining Symposium (in memory of Prof. Vladimir Pronoza)" was successfully organized at T.F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University - KuzSTU (Kemerovo Russia). More than 20 participants submitted their papers in presence, and more than 40 authors sent their papers for virtual participation. The main participants of the conference - Keynote Speakers - paid special attention to the development of international cooperation of t...
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