Calculation of the phase diagram of n-alkanes (CnH2n+2) by the Landau mean field theory

Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit
Kilit Dogan, E.
We study the temperature T and concentration n (number of carbon atoms) dependence on the transitions of the liquid, rotator (RI, RII,RIII,RIVand RV) and crystal phases in n-alkanes (CnH2n+2). The Landau phenomenological model is used by expanding the free energy in terms of the lattice distortion parameter (D) and the tilt angle (θ) of the rotator (and crystal) phases with their quadratic coupling (D2θ2).The phase line equations are obtained with some approximations by considering the first order transitions between the phases in n-alkanes. By assuming the temperature and concentration dependence of some parameters in the Landau mean field expansion, the T-n phase diagram is established by using the observed data from the literature. Our results are satisfactory to explain the first order transition between the phases, mainly for the rotator and crystal phases in n-alkanes (CnH2n+2). The T-n phase diagrams can also be obtained for some other compounds of similar structures by the Landau phenomenological model as given in this study.
Fluid Phase Equilibria


Calculation of the P-T phase diagram of nitrogen using a mean field model
Enginer, Y.; Algul, G.; Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (2017-12-20)
The P-T phase diagram is calculated at low and moderate pressures by obtaining the phase line equations for the transitions considered in nitrogen using the Landau phenomenological model. For some transitions, a quadratic coupling between the order parameters is taken into account in the expansion of free energies in terms of the order parameters. A quadratic function in T and P is fitted to the experimental P-T data from the literature and the fitted parameters are determined.
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Tari, O.; Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (2022-08-01)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.Landau phenomenological model is applied to two binary mixtures (tetradecane + hexadecane and tetradecane + pentadecane) to calculate T−x (temperature - composition) phase diagram under high pressure for their solid – liquid equilibria. The phase line equation derived from the free energy of the solid phase is fitted to the experimental liquidus curve (T−x) from the literature and the parameters in the Landau expansion are determined. As observed experimentally, variation of the temperat...
Calculation of the thermodynamic quantities from the Raman frequency shifts and the Pippard relations for the alpha, -alpha and alpha ' phases of oxygen
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Thermodynamic quantities such as the isothermal compressibility, thermal expansion and the difference in the specific heat are calculated as a function of pressure (T=10 K) for the alpha,-alpha and alpha ' phases of oxygen using the observed Raman frequencies of the two librons and one vibron from the literature through the mode Gruneisen parameter for this molecular solid. Calculated thermodynamic quantities decrease with increasing pressure with some discrepancies due to the different pressure - induced R...
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The Raman frequencies of the lattice modes (147 cm-1 and 207 cm-1 are analyzed for the α-β transition in quartz according to a power-law formula with the critical exponent by using the experimental data. The temperature dependence of the Raman frequency is associated with the order parameter (polarization P) for this transition in the quartz crystal. The damping constant of the lattice modes studied here is calculated using the Raman frequencies at various temperatures for the α-β transition in quartz (Tc =...
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H. H. Yurtseven and E. Kilit Dogan, “Calculation of the phase diagram of n-alkanes (CnH2n+2) by the Landau mean field theory,” Fluid Phase Equilibria, vol. 556, pp. 0–0, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: