Rate Splitting for Multi-Group Multicasting With a Common Message

Yalcin, Ahmet Zahid
Yüksel Turgut, Ayşe Melda
Clerckx, Bruno
In this letter, precoding for max-min fairness (MMF) for multi-group multicasting with a common message is studied. The MMF problem is converted into a weighted mean square error minimization problem. A rate-splitting solution is proposed. In rate-splitting, multicast messages for each group are divided into private and common parts, and these common parts, together with the original common message are combined as a super common message. This super common message is superposed on or concatenated to the private multicast data vector, or it is transmitted via a mixed scheme. Simulations show that RS demonstrates significant gains especially in overloaded systems.


Precoder Design For Multi-Group Multicasting With a Common Message
Yalcin, Ahmet Zahid; Yüksel Turgut, Ayşe Melda (2019-10-01)
This paper considers precoding for multi-group multicasting with a common message. The multiple antenna base station communicates with K clusters, each with L users. There is a common message destined to all users and a private multicast message for each cluster. We study the weighted sum rate (WSR) maximization problem for two different schemes: 1) the base station transmits the superposition of common and multicast messages and 2) the base station concatenates the multicast message vector with the common ...
Literary de-construction of identity categories: a reading of the queer crossings in Jeanette Winterson‘s fiction from a Butlerian perspective of parodic contest
Shojaei, Mahsasadat; Karademir, Aret; Birlik, Nurten; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2017)
This thesis aims at re-reading the selected texts of Jeanette Winterson with a Butlerian approach to identity which brings to light the complexities of sex, gender, and desire, as well as the ambivalence of agency and subversion which are often neglected in the academic reception of these texts. With a focus on the de-constructive deployment of parody in these texts, I will explore the "subversive confusions" in Written on the Body, Sexing the Cherry, and The Passion and the way these confusions trouble the...
MIMO Communication Systems Using Hierarchical Modulation
Ugur, Yigit; Yılmaz, Ali Özgür (2014-04-25)
This paper considers multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication systems using hierarchical modulation. The disadvantage of the maximum-likelihood (ML) receiver is that the computational complexity increases exponentially with the number of transmit antennas and the number of bits per modulation symbol. Using MIMO communication system with 16-ary hierarchical quadrature amplitude modulation (16-HQAM), we propose a receiver structure which can be an alternative to maximum-likelihood (ML) receiver. 16...
Referential form, word order and emotional valence in Turkish pronoun resolution in physical contact events
Özge, Duygu (De Gruyter Mouton, 2020-01-01)
This study investigates the effect of information structure (revealed in SOV versus OSV orders), the type of anaphoric expression (zero versus overt pro-nouns), and the verb valence (positive valence versus negative valence) on the interpretation of ambiguous pronouns in Turkish physical contact action verbs. Turkish speaking adult participants were asked to determine the reference for a nonsense adjectival predicate in an utterance with an action verb and two clauses connect...
Rejection Sensitivity, Self-Esteem Instability, and Relationship Outcomes The Mediating Role of Responsibility Attributions
Goncu, Asli; Sümer, Nebi (Hogrefe Publishing Group, 2011-01-01)
This study examined whether responsibility attributions for self and partner behaviors differentially mediate the link between rejection sensitivity (RS), unstable self-esteem (USE), and relationship outcomes (i.e., violence and silencing the self, STS). Individuals in dating relationships in Turkey (N = 177) completed the measures of attributions for self and partner behaviors, RS, USE, violence, and STS. The results indicated that RS and USE had indirect effects on violence via attributions for partner be...
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A. Z. Yalcin, A. M. Yüksel Turgut, and B. Clerckx, “Rate Splitting for Multi-Group Multicasting With a Common Message,” IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, vol. 69, no. 10, pp. 12281–12285, 2020, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/96657.