Re-evaluating the Notion of Public Sphere within the Rise of Cyberspace



Re-problematizing the contextualism-autonomy debate in architecture within the formal logic computational operations
Okten, Deniz; Mennan, Zeynep; Department of Architecture (2007)
Technological innovations in the field of information and communication have transformed the nature of the spatial realm. The spatial realm has been engaged with the virtual realm, where a new approach has been mandatory for a possible and productive interrelation between the two. On the other hand, new technologies have affected architectural drafting, representation, construction and most significantly architectural design to generate remarkable conveniences and unnoticed interfaces for architects. New te...
Re-constructing the political and educational contexts of the METU Project
Yorgancıoğlu, Derya; Aközer, Emel; İmamoğlu, Vacit; Department of Architecture (2010)
This dissertation focuses on the roles played by the United Nations experts Charles Abrams and G. Holmes Perkins in the foundation of METU Faculty of Architecture. It aims to highlight the ideas and ideals that informed Abrams’s and Perkins’s METU projects, and to delineate an integrative and multifaceted picture of their political and educational contexts. This picture may serve as a basis for future researches on the institutional and educational histories of METU Faculty of Architecture. It may also help...
Re-reading the social context of apartment block development in İstanbul: 1889-1922
Aktuna, Zeynep; Güvenç, Murat; Department of City and Regional Planning (2003)
The thesis investigates the early phases of apartment block development in Istanbul, which took place in the second half of the 19th century. Apartment block development represents a unique process in Istanbul. It not only reflects the أwest-orientedؤ side of the Ottoman Empire but also sheds light on the transformation of urban fabric from pre-modern to modern. The emergence of apartment blocks in Istanbul, hence, does not simply imply the adoption of a أwesternؤ and أmodernؤ life, but also reflect a spati...
Re-thinking the limits of architecture through the avant-garde formations during the 1960s : projections and receptions in the context of Turkey
Savaşır, Gökçeçiçek; Cengizkan, Ali; Department of Architecture (2008)
An inquiry into the voyage of avant-garde within the domains of art and architecture makes it evident that avant-garde is ambiguous in meaning as a word, a term, a phenomenon and a concept. This study aims to decipher avant-garde and to offer a map for its conceptualization in architecture. Taken not as a monolithic statement but as a unitary concept incorporating a number of subjects and formations for granted, in this study, architectural avant-garde is conceptualized as diverse expressions of activated e...
Re-measuring the natural interest rate for the Turkish economy: Does using the new GDP series matter?
Us, Vuslat (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Ankara, Turkey), 2018-4)
The Turkish Statistical Institute announced a new GDP series in Turkey at end-2016, which produced a remarkable upward revision in real GDP growth during the 2009-2015 period. The divergence between the old and the new series also pointed to a higher potential output, bringing the possibility that the deviation of output from its potential, i.e. the output gap has changed in the meantime. This necessitated the re-estimation of some indicators, the measurement of which is based on GDP, potential output ...
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