A computational model of basal ganglia circuits investigating the role of dopamine on direct and indirect pathways Bazal Çekirdek Devrelerinde Dopaminin Doǧrudan ve Dolayli Yolaklara Etkisine Ilişkin Bir Hesaplamali Model

Elibol, Rahmi
Şengör, Neslihan Serap
© 2015 IEEE.Due to the investigations carried out in neuroscience, it has been clear that basal ganglia circuits are not active only in motor actions but also take part in cognitive processes. With recent studies on processes as decision making and behavioral deficits as addiction, the role of basal ganglia in these processes has been revealed without suspicion. The activity in direct and indirect pathways, two of the three most mentioned pathways of basal ganglia, is known to be modified by neurotransmitter dopamine. In this work, a mathematical model will be derived which will reveal how the activity in the output component of basal ganglia circuit, globus pallidius externa and in the thalamus, which conveys information to the cortex, follows the activity of direct and indirect pathways modified by dopamine. While deriving the mathematical model, the activity in the structures forming the basal ganglia circuit is investigated through the neuron population activity obtained by point neurons. Firstly, the changes made in the single neuron model denoted by a dynamical system to obtain the neuronal activity of each structure is given. After these single neuron models, how each neuron population corresponding to basal ganglia structures is formed is explained and the simulation results obtained in BRIAN environment are discussed.
Medical Technologies National Conference, TIPTEKNO 2015


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© 2015 IEEE.It is expected that building computational models of neural structures taking part in generating cognitive processes and emotions would not only help us understanding the brain but also give us clues to diagnose and develop treatment for neurological disorders and diseases. In this work, a computational model of cognitive task, goal directed behavior is considered. The cortex-basal ganglia-thalamus loop which is known to be effective in goal directed behavior has been modeled. In the model, the ...
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Basal ganglia circuits are known to have role in a wide range of behaviour spanning from movement initiation to high order cognitive processes as reward related learning. Here, the intention is to have a biophysically realistic model of basal ganglia circuit for voluntary motor action selection. The ultimate aim is to provide a framework for models which could help comprehension of complex processes. To fulfill this aim a model capable of simulating direct, indirect and hyperdirect pathways with modified Ho...
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© 2016 IEEE.In order to understand the cognitive processes, motor actions and the behavioral deficits and neurological disorders rising due to malfunctioning of the related neuronal structures, models at different levels are proposed in computational neuroscience. Models developed considering the nonlinear and distributed working principles of neural structures help to reconstruct the processes but are far away from giving an explicit understanding of the phenomena due to their complexity. However, it is no...
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