Lost Objects, Untold Stories: Mesopotamia c.1855

Ottoman Cultural Mobilities: 19th-Century Modes of Travel, Collecting and Display


Lost Common Grounds: Reflections on Ankara’s Landscape
Baş Bütüner, Funda (null; 2019-09-18)
Thus, this study intends to trace the lost landscape fabric of the city, and alsopoint out the still ongoing landscape destruction process by arguing on severalpatterns of changes: razed urban nature, undervalued heritage landscape anddeformed urban parks. Emphasizing different aspects of change, each patternexposes not only the demolished landscape fabric, but also the lost commongrounds of Ankara
Missing Stones: A Search for a new Father
Birlik, Nurten (2005-02-24)
Hidden Concepts in the History and Philosophy of Origins-of-Life Studies: a Workshop Report
Mariscal, Carlos; et. al. (2019-09-01)
In this review, we describe some of the central philosophical issues facing origins-of-life research and provide a targeted history of the developments that have led to the multidisciplinary field of origins-of-life studies. We outline these issues and developments to guide researchers and students from all fields. With respect to philosophy, we provide brief summaries of debates with respect to (1) definitions (or theories) of life, what life is and how research should be conducted in the absence of an acc...
Imprisoned Pearls: The Long-Forgotten Symbolism of the Great Mosque and Dār al-Shifā’ at Divriği
Peker, Ali Uzay (The Isis Press, 2013-01-01)
This two volume set is a collection of essays presented at a 2001 conference in Wales on the life and work of the British historian and archaeologist Frederick Willilam Hasluck (1878-1920). Although often overlooked today, Hasluck s studies were based on his first-hand experience at archaeological digs while at the British School in Athens and his later travels in Turkey and the Balkans. The first volume contains essays on Hasluck and the foreign scholars working in and around the Ottoman Empire during the ...
Kırılan Temsiliyet: Libeskind’de Bellek, Tarih ve Mimarlık
Maden, Feray; Şengel, Deniz (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2009)
Mimarisini ‘yokluk,’ ‘yitirilmişlik’ ve ‘bellek’ kavramları üzerinden çizgiler, çarpıtılmış açılar, kesişen geometriler ve boşluklar etrafında kurgulayan Daniel Libeskind, çok disiplinli mimarisi ve radikal yaklaşımları ile kuşkusuz mimarlık kuram ve pratiğini etkileyen ustaların başında gelmektedir. Bellek ve tarihin ‘izleri’ üzerinde şekillenen projeleri ve çoğunlukla da müze yapıları ile karşımıza çıkan Libeskind, Rönesanstan bu yana süregelen mimarlıkta temsiliyet sorunsalı, mimarî temsil ve temsilin mi...
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A. B. Özkaya, “Lost Objects, Untold Stories: Mesopotamia c.1855,” presented at the Ottoman Cultural Mobilities: 19th-Century Modes of Travel, Collecting and Display, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BwVpMvkN64&list=PLbei-sAWFFVpcGZrqNmyRXDj00bIqCGhV&index=1.