An impact oscillator with a grazing cycle

Akhmet, Marat
Kivilcim, A.
© 2017 L&H Scientific Publishing, LLC.An oscillator which impacts against a rigid barrier is taken into account. A cycle with zero impact velocity is discussed. The main result of this article concerns stability of the grazing cycle. A significant attention to a model with the variable coefficient of restitution depending on velocity is paid. The mechanical reasons for that are provided as well as new theo- retical advantages have been discovered for the investigation of dynamics near a grazing cycle. The W-map which reduces the system with variable moments of impacts to that with fixed moments and simplifies the analy- sis, is defined. A new type of linearization system with two compounds is applied to investigate the stability of the grazing cycle whose existence is easily examined. A new approach to suppress a singularity, caused by the tangency, in linearization has been developed. Simulations are provided to visualize the stability of the grazing cycle.
Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity


Stability in non-autonomous periodic systems with grazing stationary impacts
Akhmet, Marat (2017-01-01)
This paper examines impulsive non-autonomous periodic systems whose surfaces of discontinuity and impact functions are not depending on the time variable. The W-map which alters the system with variable moments of impulses to that with fixed moments and facilitates the investigations, is presented. A particular linearizion system with two compartments is utilized to analyze stability of a grazing periodic solution. A significant way to keep down a singularity in linearizion is demonstrated. A concise review...
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